Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shit, meet fan

I have had a killer headache for two days now and i can't seem to shake it.
Allan thinks it's stress and he might be right about that.
I do have a lot of shit on my mind these days, and the whole being sick on vacation thing really set me back.
I have been thinking of Kyoto a lot today, and things we've seen there, you know, happy thoughts.
It's not even my favorite place in Japan, but somehow it helped a little.

I cleaned up my corner of the shop today, even found some hidden moneys in a stack of papers!
People should send us more postcards
We're back to eating real food again, and Allan helped me make the salad

But aside from the stress, or whatever it is, today was a good day.
Cake, soundtracks all day and sweet clients, so that's all good.

Sadly we finished work too late to participate in the huge demonstration (link in Danish, here's one in English that tries to sum up the issue that started the whole thing) that walked through Copenhagen today.
The turnout was amazing, so apparently not everyone in this country lacks compassion for others and i guess that's something.
Still considering moving somewhere with a less insane government though, and less aggressive law enforcement too.
It has to be warm too, so i'm not sure that place exists.
But i'm open to suggestions!


  1. Hope the head feels better, soon :) Drinking tons of water is always a good thing.

    I hadnt heard anything about the danish police action against the Iraq refugees....icky stuff.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty terrible.
    What kind of country refuses to accept refugees from a war they helped start, and wants to send them back to a country that doesn't even want them back?

    And that the police and politicians think that beating people is the appropriate reaction to a peaceful protest just scares the crap out of me.

    The head is a little better today, and getting lots of water, thanks!

  3. Hvad er der nu galt med at sparke og slå folk der ligger ned? Brokkerøv!