Saturday, August 1, 2009

The (not so) long way down

Country life, it's been good to us so far.
Yesterday we arrived just in time to join the whole town (well, the ones that could make it) for a huge dinner right outside our house.
Our timing is never off when it comes to food.

Lucifer in Allan's suitcase giving me the "don't you dare try and leave without me"-look
We wanted to rent a car, but it was just way too expensive, so we took the train to a bigger town and my dad picked us up there
The train was old, but it was still a nice enough ride
No smoking, yes dog!
Dinner on the grass
My house
My beautiful mom
And my handsome dad
Grilled salmon and lot's of delicious salad (Tracy, that's my iPhone case in the back!)
Fresh pea
Being this close the the water is heaven
Happy Allan


  1. Her er så dejligt!
    I kommer stadig på besøg, ikk?

  2. Det er så sandelig da stadig planen min fineste ven!

  3. your mom and dad are adorable :) and seeing all the amazing pictures of their home and friends, just made me feel so happy and sad all at once....I dont know why I keep putting off taking my son to visit really truly is magical there! Thank you sooooo much for sharing sooo much of yourself every day, its one of my favorite things to read each day.

  4. lovely pictures!

    do your mom and dad want to adopt me?!? I want to live there!!!!


  5. Tell your mum and dad I said hi! I still remember your dad's awesome jazz band!