Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking better? Feeling better.

Ok, so the hair appointment was this morning and that means that i now have one less thing to stress about.
Feels good.
The hair itself has looked a bit flat all day (maybe because she straightened my already straight hair?) but i'm sure it'll look however it's supposed to look by tomorrow.

Pretty short i guess, but since going super short last summer, and again in the fall, short doesn't really scare me anymore
One good thing about being sick and not eating for weeks? Fitting comfortably into these nice Acne jeans that Christel gave me!

Lucifer is fasting now, the surgery is tomorrow morning.
I'm not super worried, he usually does great with these things and he heals like a champ, but i can't help but worry a little.
He is my baby after all.

Alice, Lewis and the baby are arriving on wednesday.
It's gonna be so awesome to see them again and to show them Copenhagen and Bisserup.
Would be nice if it didn't rain like today, though, so here's hoping the weather will decide to make a good impression on our guests.


  1. ohh yes, I agree with Samboy....super duper cute :)