Friday, August 14, 2009

Le hair problems

I have a hair appointment on monday.
Way too early on monday, but i was getting desperate, so i just took what i could get.
But i don't actually know what i wanna do with my hair.
I don't wanna grow it too long, but i don't think i wanna go short again either.
But middle lenght... that's what i have now!
I kinda like the 70's thing my hair has going for it now, but it's not gonna last.
So maybe just a trim?

Or maybe something like this? It's not too far from what my hair looks like now, and you can't go wrong with Amélie, right?
I've been so excited about finally having my hair long enough for a ponytail, but i guess you can just pin it up like this too
While i was looking for pictures of Amélies hair, i came across the poster for Coco avant Chanel, and how gorgeous does Audrey Tautou look here? Perfection!
This poster is pretty awesome as well, but i think she looks more like Coco Chanel in this one and less like her usual adorable self

Ideas are welcome, as always!


  1. Jeg kan godt li den hestehale du har nu!

  2. funny, every time i see a pic of you I think to myself "what fun cute girly girl hair" my thoguht is really just to keep it the same.

  3. Ah! What a weird coincidence. This is how I TRIED to cut my hair about a week ago, only I don't look cute at all like little Audrey. I look more like Dudley Moore but with shorter bangs. However, I presume your hair stylist doesn't drink a bunch of wine before she cuts your hair like I do, so it will probably look much better!

  4. Oh, she better not drink a bunch of wine, cause there's not way i can pull off Dudley Moore!!