Monday, August 3, 2009

From the archives

The other day when i was cleaning out in the living room in our house, i found a bunch of old pictures of my family, and even more newspaper articles about them.

Maybe a quick family history (on my fathers side) will help these pictures make sense?
My grandparents lived in Copenhagen where my dad grew up, actually just a few blocks from where i grew up.
One day as they were driving in the country they spotted this old farm in the small town of Bisserup and they bought it and moved here.
The old barn was turned into an art gallery where my grandfather, who was an artist, would show his paintings.
Later my mom, and other artists, would have many exhibitions there too.
My grandparents lived in the main building, the one my parents have spend the last few years remodeling and now live in permanently.
And in the third building, where me and Allan now stay, my parents made an ever expanding apartment for themselves and my brother and me.
And so this place has stayed in my family, even after my grandparents passed away and all kinds of lame family drama ensued.

Ok, that was the very short and dull story of how the Leonardo's ended up in Bisserup, now to the fun stuff.

This is my great-grandmother Else (my grandmother Lilli's mom) at her confirmation sometime around the year 1900, she was a spoiled girl who owned a bike, or so my dad tells me
What the house looked like 40 years ago (fishermen lived here before my grandparents came along)
My grandfather in the gallery, isn't he a awesome looking dude? Sadly he died before i learned to talk, so i can't say i knew the guy
Article featuring my grandfather and smoking hot mom
My grandfather, grandmother, mom (again, looking super hot), older brother and dad
Another article, this one about a memorial exhibition my dad and Lilli (pictured) put on after my grandfather died

I love finding old family photos and i love how they always make you wanna cry and laugh at the same time.
Like that first picture; i can totally see my whole family in her eyes, maybe even a bit of myself, but she was dead long before i ever came along.
And it's amazing how poised and serious she looks, it got me thinking that i've probably never taken anything quite so serious in my whole life as she did having that photo taken, that moment.

And seeing whole books full of newspaper clippings about my family and how great the where and are... awe inspiring, and kinda depressing too for a slacker like me.

More old timey stuff soon.


  1. Den slags indlæg går jo lige i mit gamle hjerte!

  2. yeah, your mom is a hottie.

    it's so nice you have such cool family and all those news clippings about them.