Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Flora and the fauna

What i probably love most about being in Bisserup is how much stuff you can get done in one day.
Something always needs to get fixed, built or tended to and my parents don't mind putting us to work.

Here's just some of the things we've been up to today:

-got up earlier than usual, it's easier when your bed has an ocean view
-cleaned our whole house, being scared of spiders will make you do that
-hung paintings in the gallery with my mom (yeah, there's an art gallery here, but they're in between exhibitions, so we put up some of my moms work)
-hung paintings in our new bedroom (the one with the view)
-raked and shoveled about a trillion inedible mirabelle plums with Allan and my mom
-went grocery shopping
-took a long walk in the woods with my mom
-played with Lucifer
-aaand a bunch of other stuff too!

Awesome weather today, the kind that makes you stop and go "aahh..."
Wild flowers
The relocated toad castle
Some more of my moms crazy awesome work
Tomatoes and solar panel
Overcast in the afternoon, with a pinkish glow
In the woods
Hello cow
How rude!
My dad's playing a show tonight, so it was just the three of us for dinner, my mom made yummy pancakes with smoked salmon and a salad

Tomorrow i may start painting the windows, and who knows what else?


  1. OMG I love love love the cow!! how freakn cute is it??? I have this crazy urge to go hug a cow...thanks

  2. the cow need a hair cut.

    i want a little trip somewhere nice, too!

  3. Det ser ud som du har haft en fantastisk dag :) Elsker koen, de langhåede er de beste! :)

  4. very nice shots! that cows has the same long hairs like allan ! (:-D of course allan is much more beautyfull !!! ähäm ... great fotos !


    I found a fun street the other day when I was driving to pick Priscilla up from her grandparents' house!