Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feathers and lace

Between blogging, work and hanging out with Allan, i found time to drop by my hat supply dealer.
It's the same every time i go there; i end up spending a fortune and coming out of there with the tiniest shopping bag imaginable.
But i found some good stuff.

For a custom project i'm starting soon
On the way back i stopped by Topshop where i spotted these beauties, but they were a little too pricey for an impulse buy


  1. OMG, those are some serious awsome shoes!! I have a super duper hard time finding spiffy shoes since I gave up wearing leather shoes :( Because of the whole vegan thing....I soooooo miss stylish shoes!! Anyways, your new shoes are rockn cool :) Will you post a picture of the hat when its done, since its a custom order?

  2. I will for sure.
    I'm really excited about doing it, but i still need some for supplies before i can start it.

    I didn't buy the shoes by the way, still thinking about them.
    But your comment is definitely making the "pros" list!

  3. Ohh I spotted these shoes whilst browsing topshop today! They are very very lovely. You should check out office.co.uk, they also have some really beautiful brogues - these are the ones I'm currently lusting after!


  4. Oh wow, those are, if possible, even nicer!
    Good thing i'm going to the UK soon!

  5. It's dangerous every time I go in there, I never know if Im going to come out with a new pair of shoes! In fact, my last purchase from office were a pair that aren't to dissimilar from those youre wearing in the post below!
    hm, shoes..!

  6. That kind of dangerous sounds good to me!!

  7. Weeee so so excited for you to make me a magical facinator! The skull should be in your hands soon!

  8. I'm super excited too, and the skulle arrived yesterday!
    I was gonna lie and say it got lost in the mail, so i could keep it all to myself, but i'm just way too honest.

  9. bhahahaah i'll link you to the etsy seller i got it from they aren't expensive at all!


  10. I am gonna get me some for sure!

    Just painted yours yesterday!!