Thursday, August 27, 2009


Since i got my etsy account i haven't visited ebay as frequently as i used to.
It's like a myspace vs. facebook thing, i guess.
But tonight i decided to check in and see what some of my favorite sellers were up to and i'll tell you what they were up to: teasing me with their pretty dresses in tiny sizes, that's what.

Thanks for nothing, ebay.

I desperately want this, but i am not i size xs, now am i?
This one too, please

Also, i have a headache.


  1. Love them, esp the first one. I'm no xs either :(

  2. Jeg tror nu nok du ku klemme dig ned i begge kjoler. Jeg synes du skal gå for den. Eller rettere dem!

  3. Nurj den er fin, den sidste.
    Er du serioest ikke xs?! Det ved jeg altsaa ikke om jeg tror paa!

  4. Desværre ikke...
    Men jeg gad godt!