Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coffee with Flo

Saturdays are fro shopping, hanging out with friends, eating and drinking coffee, right?
That's what i did today anyway.
I met Fie and her very new baby, Viola, on Købmagergade in the center of town.
It was a lovely day, packed with tourists that drive like maniacs cause they don't understand the local traffic, and locals trying to find the best sale the city has to offer.

At Arnold Busck, our most favorite Copenhagen bookstore, i saw another poster of that handsome husband of mine
So weird!
After a couple of lattes and catching up on things, and believe me, there were many things, we headed out to check some shops and try on bike helmets*
The little princess was sleeping like a... well, like a baby
I fell in love with these very reasonably priced platforms, but decided i own enough freakishly high heeled shoes for now
We went back to Edith & Ella and Fie found some pretty shoes and a sweater, and i just took pictures of pretty things (now, if that green dress had been on sale...)
Best decor, seriously, and the shoes are pretty too
We had smoothies and Viola woke up and had some milk
There she is!
At Wasteland i found Japanese bikes, even took one of them for a test drive, and i'm thinking i might buy one soon
I also found and bought a red mechanics jumpsuit in my size (sorry about the awful photo), something i have been searching for since pretty much the dawn of time

*Neither of us wear them, although we probably should


  1. Årgh hygge!! Det har også bare været skønt vejr i dag!

  2. Oh dear lord, den cykelhjelm... jeg bliver vist nødt til det, men damn, hvor er det ucharmerende.

    Tak for en hyggelig dag!