Sunday, August 16, 2009

Calm before the storm

When we woke up yesterday morning it was raining like crazy in Copenhagen.
Well, good thing we were going to Bisserup then.
It just doesn't rain as much here, and yesterday was no exception.
The second we arrived it was all clear blue skies, idyllic as hell, just the way i like it.

It was the annual summer party at the harbor.
Not much went on doesn there during the day, but a bunch of bikers had come to town, so we went down there to check out their rides.

Allan, no doubt having flashbacks to his youth in another small town not too far from this one
Most of the bikes were crap, but this one was cute (and the camping bicycle in the back is awesome too)
My mom made delicious dinner, we ate it outside with some family and friends (the eating of the food situation is a little better now)
At night my dad and brother played in a tent at the harbor, lots of drinking and dancing, but we didn't stay long
Instead we went back to our own little house, made some tea and popcorn and watched my favorite movie

Today is windy as hell, but if it the weather mellows out later we'll go for a small sailing trip.
Fingers crossed.


  1. I love love love Spirited Away <3 It's such a great movie! :)

  2. epp! thats one of my fave movies too!