Monday, August 24, 2009

Basement shopping

A couple of days ago i went down into the basement to do a little shopping.
It's exhausting going through a million boxes of smelly clothes while not being able to see or stand up straight, and i always have to do a bunch of laundry afterwards, but it's usually worth it.
Initially i went down there to look for a cardigan (which i found) and a coffee machine, but as always, i came up with the so much more.
Sadly, no coffee machine.
I even went through the boxes of stuff i wanted to sell and found a few things i most definitely don't want to sell anymore.

Some jeans Rei gave me in Japan years ago
Slightly altered vintage shirt (the belt is from Buffalo Exchange in Austin)
Lucifer heard another dog, so he started squealing and almost jumped out of his basket and i had to go rescue him
Earlier today this arrived (the vintage skirt is also from my basement shopping trip, i think they might look good together)

More silly basement finds tomorrow!

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