Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad weather with great results

I am feeling like crap today.
Awesome way to start a post, right?
My mood is great, no problems there, i just woke up feeling like i had the flu or something.
I took some pills, and they worked great.
I cleaned and decorated in the house, and me, Allan and my dad cleaned the boat and got it in the water.
But soon after that the pills stopped working and i crashed hard.
I realized today that since we got here i've been eating meat every day, and at home i can go weeks without eating meat.
Could that be fucking up my system?
Maybe my body thinks we've become vegetarian?

Yesterday me and Allan went to the big city (read=slightly bigger town) to get some stuff for the house... i really need a haircut, don't i?
I'd painted my toenails for this very special occation (my fingernails will have to wait until we get back to Copenhagen, too much manual labor going on down here)
Right before dinner we went out to look at the amazing sky, it was cool and raining a little
When i turned around i saw the most incredible rainbow i've ever seen in my life, it was much brighter than in the photo and too big to fit into the frame

I sure hope i feel better tomorrow, Helle is coming to visit and i don't wanna be all sick for that.

Ps. Today is Martins birthday, hurra hurra hurra!


  1. Way cool at regnbuen ender i jeres hus!!
    Og kan De så se at blive frisk unge dame, vi forventer en yderst spunky tourguide!

  2. You have a cute little farmer's tan on your feet! Graham has an actual "farmer's tan" right now and it's very funny; when he takes his shirt off he looks like a very dark man wearing a white shirt.

  3. Øv at du er syg. jeg vågnede også med ondt i arme, ben og med den ledeste kvalme. bare vi ikke har fået svineinflu :)
    Rigtig god bedring.


  4. Ej hvis det er svineflu, så kommer vi altså ikke!