Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Erik

Sunday funday at the shop with Hanna and Allan
Erik, Prince of the Dala Unicorns
Lots of people dropped by, including Hanna's brother, his girlfriend and her sweet kid Natalie who was a master at keeping herself entertained in a boring tattoo studio

Thanks, Hanna, i love my gay horsie!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


If you read my other blog, you already know that we missed the opening party last night for the tattoo book Allan is in.
So today, after i came back from shopping, we jumped on Allans bike (all three of us) and rushed down to the gallery to meet Wookie and check out the photo exhibition.

Awesome pictures and the book is super nice too, we even got a few copies for ourselves
After the gallery we went to Skydebanegade and Saxogade, two streets close to our house that were having their annual street parties (Lucifer was not too pleased, too many people there in his opinion)
Banzai sold their spicy Japanese curry and seaweed salad just like last year, yum (not pictured, the ice cream we ate right after this)
It was actually getting pretty cold and the ice cream, although it was delicious, didn't help, so we got us some coffee too (the guys are looking surprised cause i just talked shit about some girl with bad attitude, oops!)
Here it is, the fancy (and heavy) book i've been writing about so much lately

Coffee with Flo

Saturdays are fro shopping, hanging out with friends, eating and drinking coffee, right?
That's what i did today anyway.
I met Fie and her very new baby, Viola, on Købmagergade in the center of town.
It was a lovely day, packed with tourists that drive like maniacs cause they don't understand the local traffic, and locals trying to find the best sale the city has to offer.

At Arnold Busck, our most favorite Copenhagen bookstore, i saw another poster of that handsome husband of mine
So weird!
After a couple of lattes and catching up on things, and believe me, there were many things, we headed out to check some shops and try on bike helmets*
The little princess was sleeping like a... well, like a baby
I fell in love with these very reasonably priced platforms, but decided i own enough freakishly high heeled shoes for now
We went back to Edith & Ella and Fie found some pretty shoes and a sweater, and i just took pictures of pretty things (now, if that green dress had been on sale...)
Best decor, seriously, and the shoes are pretty too
We had smoothies and Viola woke up and had some milk
There she is!
At Wasteland i found Japanese bikes, even took one of them for a test drive, and i'm thinking i might buy one soon
I also found and bought a red mechanics jumpsuit in my size (sorry about the awful photo), something i have been searching for since pretty much the dawn of time

*Neither of us wear them, although we probably should

I love you, Sweden

Today has been so awesome that i think i'm gonna have to break it into little portions.
First, some awesome work related (hats, not tattoo shop) news from across the pond.

This morning while drinking my morning tea (yeah, i switched from morning coffee to morning tea, i need to keep the java devil in check) i got an email from a style consultant in Sweden, who had put on a fashion show at the last Malmö Festival.
I knew that Linda from Brooklyn Vintage was gonna put a couple of my hats in a show, but i hadn't heard anything else about it, so i was pretty excited to find links to pictures from the show in this mail.
So i now have a few pictures of pretty Swedish girls wearing hats i made.
It also turns out that Mia, the girl who sent the mail, is now the proud (or so i hope) owner of the crab hat, and she and her colleges may want to work with me on a future fashion show project of theirs.
Stoked i tell ya!

One of the first Frida headpieces i made
(Photo by Alexander Wayne)

Before mentioned crab hat in the same show
(Photo by Alexander Wayne)

By the way, did i ever tell you that Linda sold this hat?
I don't think i did, cause i really suck at promoting myself or whatever, and i'm always worried that i'm gonna sound all smug and pleased with myself.
But then if i don't say anything i worry that people are gonna think i'm arrogant or don't care.
Over thinking things much?
You bet.
But whatever, i sold two hats and i am beyond stoked!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Scandinavian

I got as text from Young telling me i should check out the sunset, so me and Lucifer went down to the lakes to take it all in.
In one direction the sun was shining, in another it had just started to rain.
It was lovely.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wait, so the summer is not over?

As you can maybe tell, i'm trying to break away from the traditional fashion blogger poses when i do wardrobe posts.
Cause, well, they're boring, everyone does them and this is not a fashion blog.
But i do like posting about my wardrobe, and things i hope will someday be in my wardrobe, so i'm just gonna try and mix it up a little so you don't get too sick of it.

Today was actually super hot, and i, like the genius i am, wore a wool skirt.
But i had bare legs, so it wasn't actually as bad as it may sound.

Uniqlo (oh, how i love that place) cardigan and i silk slip doubling as a top
My vintage skirt from Koenji, my wannabe-oxfords-sneakers from Shinjuku (i can't believe i almost didn't buy these, i love them so much) and Absalonsgade

Dilemmas and cuteness

Man, i am completely google'd out.
And flickr'd out too.

I've been trying to come up with tattoo ideas, in case Lewis has time to tattoo me on monday, but i have too many things flying around in my head and instead of narrowing it down to a few ideas, more just keep popping up.
Stupid no-good brain.
At the moment i'm stuck between really wanting the last real spot on my left arm finished, and wanting something a bit bigger than that.

That's the spot, it looks bigger in this picture, but it's actually pretty tiny

I've gone from rosehips to butterflies to pinecones to toadstools to squirrels (Allans idea) in just a few hours and now i'm just plain confused!
I had so many things i wanted on that arm, but now it's almost filled up and i'm having a hard time choosing.
I wish i was able to meditate, i think that would be useful right now.

What to get...

These are just a tiny portion of the pictures i stumbled upon during the last hours, only the rosehips and the butterflies were taken by me.
I need help.
I think i'm gonna go make dinner and think some more.

Ps. I'm back to the rosehips again.


Since i got my etsy account i haven't visited ebay as frequently as i used to.
It's like a myspace vs. facebook thing, i guess.
But tonight i decided to check in and see what some of my favorite sellers were up to and i'll tell you what they were up to: teasing me with their pretty dresses in tiny sizes, that's what.

Thanks for nothing, ebay.

I desperately want this, but i am not i size xs, now am i?
This one too, please

Also, i have a headache.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Behold, the cardigan that sent me down into the basement in the first place
I found these shorts down there too, had no idea they even existed
When i came home from work i fixed my short, dull nails
Fairly simple, but it still helps (they're dark pink, by the way)

I started working on some basement-skirts today.
They were both from a time when i was slightly larger than now, so i needed to take them in.
One of them is leather, so right now i have sore leather needle fingers and it hurts to type.

I also ordered some flowers online for the new project.
I'm getting pretty excited about that one, as you can maybe tell.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feathers and lace

Between blogging, work and hanging out with Allan, i found time to drop by my hat supply dealer.
It's the same every time i go there; i end up spending a fortune and coming out of there with the tiniest shopping bag imaginable.
But i found some good stuff.

For a custom project i'm starting soon
On the way back i stopped by Topshop where i spotted these beauties, but they were a little too pricey for an impulse buy


A weird thing happened today when Allans client, a new one, came in and wasn't completely into the design.
Uhm, say what?
The drawing was super awesome and everything he'd asked for was in it, but he just wasn't sure.
So he left and thus left Allan with a finished design and no client to put it on.
Canceling when you're not sure is for the best, of course, but it still leaves Allan in a crappy position of having spent many hours, today and last night, drawing for something that's not gonna happen.
I called a regular to fill the spot, but after waiting for her for a few hours, she called and canceled too.
She had a sick dog, so we could relate and it was all good, but still... what a day.
We had coffee and brownies, i blogged and Allan turned the design into a lovely painting, so we ended up having a nice day after all.

Now, i know you're sick of the wardrobe posts, but i'm not and it's my blog, so here's some more basement finds.

I never wear this cute top i bought in Japan a few years ago, but now i'm giving it another try (the skirt is from ebay, shoes from Kvickly, belt from India)
The heart necklace is from Tokyo, the Ganesh behind it is from India
My poor baby, not having the best day

Monday, August 24, 2009

Basement shopping

A couple of days ago i went down into the basement to do a little shopping.
It's exhausting going through a million boxes of smelly clothes while not being able to see or stand up straight, and i always have to do a bunch of laundry afterwards, but it's usually worth it.
Initially i went down there to look for a cardigan (which i found) and a coffee machine, but as always, i came up with the so much more.
Sadly, no coffee machine.
I even went through the boxes of stuff i wanted to sell and found a few things i most definitely don't want to sell anymore.

Some jeans Rei gave me in Japan years ago
Slightly altered vintage shirt (the belt is from Buffalo Exchange in Austin)
Lucifer heard another dog, so he started squealing and almost jumped out of his basket and i had to go rescue him
Earlier today this arrived (the vintage skirt is also from my basement shopping trip, i think they might look good together)

More silly basement finds tomorrow!