Sunday, July 19, 2009

Went to the country in a rented car

And didn't take too many pictures.
Boo me.
Allans mom is house sitting for a couple of months, so that's where we celebrated her birthday.
The theme was food and Guitar Hero, not a bad way to spend your saturday, if you ask me.

The house had two cats, who mostly lurked around outside while we were there, but Lucifer did chase them a few times.
It seemed like they took turns being scared of each other.

This is the indoor version of Lucifers patented grazing cow-routine; "the power stretch"
Is that mountain lion still out there?
Allan rocked out with his cousins
I played too, but after one song ("Spiderwebs" by No Doubt) my wrist wanted out (i'm so rusty) but Allan is a champ
The owners of the house has some weird ass things, but some cool ones too, like this stuffed owl
Bird bath and wild strawberries
My favorite plant
Birthday girl
You can't tell in these pictures, but this was pink and so was the wall paper... pretty extreme decorating

We got home late, too late to watch Whale Wars, so we might watch that now-ish.


  1. Dog stretches are so funny. front first, then back haha (ok, i'm realizing I always comment on the dog. I'm sorry haha)

    That stuffed owl is cool. Kinda creepy but cool.

  2. i love the stink eye that owl is giving..

  3. Crouching Lucifer, hidden dragon!