Friday, July 17, 2009

They really are, aren't they? Well, maybe just some...

While impatiently waiting for my friday night veggie pizza to arrive (it still hasn't), i came across the awesomeness known as Garfunkel and Oates.
I only know them because i googled Kate Micucci like crazy after we met her in LA, but they're friggin awesome, especially this treasure of a song:


  1. awww that video is co cute :)

    Kate looks like a little pixie, she's so adorable! xxx

  2. Hahahaah! "So who's the father?" "Oh you know, we're not telling".


    Håber ikke jeg har været for irriterende gravid :-)

  3. Nej, du har været den bedste gravide ever!!

    Godt at ha' dig tilbage, håber i hygger jer med (indsæt navn her)!

  4. Ha! I wasn't ready for that- that was hilarious AND they're adorable! What a great name too :) When I was little... ok, until I was 23... I used to think "Hall and Oates" was "Holland Oats" and I always wondered why they chose such an unusual, organic name, haha.