Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Somewhere over the...

The weather is surprisingly nice today.
Not going swimming nice, but still.
We took a walk downtown to buy my mom a birthday present.
And we somehow managed to buy just that, and not a bunch of crap for ourselves too.

Rainbows are all over the place these days, due to Cph hosting the World Outgames
Yup, there too
Even on Vor Frue Church, pretty cool, actually
I know they probably just did this to get more people to go to church, but still, it must make people feel welcome here, right?
More of these, please!
The Onsdagssnegl, Allans weakness
I had a chai, Allan had a latte and his snegl and Lucifer begged him for a taste

Tonight our friend Mixen is coming over for home made burgers, should be good.


  1. Snegle!! Ak. Tror jeg må til at bage igen snart.
    Farverige København, jaja.

  2. De var gode den dag.
    De er ikke altid helt på toppen, men når de endelig er... dayum!