Thursday, July 9, 2009

Really, that's the best you can do?

I am sorry you guys.
I am sorry that the blog has been so friggin boring this week.
And don't worry, i'm not gonna bore you even more with the details of my all-work-and-no-play week.
It's been busy and exhausting and i'm pretty sure that i'm the only person who finds my job interesting, so consider yourself spared (for now).

But i will tell you two things:

One: season four of Weeds is amazing, that show just keeps getting better and better and i can't wait for more...

And two: if you love disaster movies as much as i do, you really need to watch this trailer!

Tomorrow i'm leaving the shop for a few hours to join my friends for coffee in the real world, and whoa! Saturday i may be going to Tivoli.
So hopefully there's some decent blog material in the near future.


  1. I dont think this week was "boring" its your life and I personally love being able to peak into it, and some weeks are more entertaining than others BUT they are all enjoyable :)

    We might try and download Weeds, I have heard so much about it AND we are currently looking for something new to watch. Today we downloaded the Australian version of Project Runway.

  2. I need to catch up on Weeds. I've missed an entire season now- we bought the first couple, but it started getting a little weird. AH! Like when Shane got caught with that picture of his mom?? Gross. I love Kevin Nealon though... and I have to admit, Celia getting her tooth knocked out was totally awesome :)

  3. Tanya, you must get Weeds, it's sooo incredibly good!
    Even the weird parts (like the gross one with the picture, me and Allan was just screaming "Nooo, Shane, wrooong" at the TV!)
    Hehe, and i agree, the tooth knocking was so funny (and she totally had it coming!)