Monday, July 27, 2009


A few random shot from last week, most of them are polarized as you can see.
It's not as cool an app as the toycam, but it's fun nonetheless.

Breakfast at Kalaset with the Austrian/German camping mob
That's Bobby, taking a nap under the table
Robin getting his camera tattoo
Full house at the shop that day
Becca brought homework
Late night sushi at beloved BentoOn friday Christel (of giving-me-pants fame) got her sweet nineties french clown, pictures on the other blog soon-ish
Eric got this in a not so great spot

I guess most of there pictures would have made more sense on the work blog right?
Whatever, i'll post some other stuff over there later.
Now, it's hat making time.


  1. Robin almost looks like he's enjoying it :D

  2. You'd think so, he looked like that the whole time.
    That's not how i look when i get tattooed!

  3. aww wow you had Eckel and Becca visiting the same time :) Becca is lovely, she tattooed me last year xxx

  4. Yup, it's been a busy, but fun, week.
    We like having lots of visitors!