Friday, July 10, 2009

Indoor Fika on a rainy afternoon

As usual i find myself too tired to blog.
And also, my hands are a little numb from sanding/washing/more sanding/lacquering the kitchen counter at the shop, and typing feels strange in a not-good way.
But today was full of both work AND fun, and that feels pretty good.
The coffee date with Helle and Fie on Nørrebro was just what i needed, even if all the cake and snacks we ate did give me a bit of a sugar headache.

I still love lamp
Danish peas, pretty and tasty
Calvin was so comfortable with Fie, almost as if he could tell she's practically a mommy too
Pregnant bellies are like sofas for tired babies
Henrik was a big hit too
"What's the big fuss about babies anyway? Kid doesn't even have any fur!"

Oh, and i fixed the laminating machine today.
I may or may not also be the one responsible for breaking it, but that's besides the point.
Cause i totally repaired that sucker, yay me!

Ps. Sorry for the lack of Helle photos, i'm a lousy photographer today (more so than usual, i mean).


  1. Ha ha, jeg klager ikke. Jeg er max ufotogen!
    Dejlig dag, håber Lucifer er kommet sig over dagen!

  2. Uh og yay for reparation af lamineringsmaskine. Kan du fikse en klipsemaskine, som jeg may or may not, er kommet til at ødelægge?

  3. Nah, jeg har en nigiri formet klipsemaskine herhjemme, som jeg tager med derind.
    Jeg har rimelig mange klipsemaskiner nu jeg tænker over det!

    Og du er fuld af løgn, bare se på det her billede:
    Herre fotogen!

  4. everything about all these photos is so cute.

  5. Thanks Ai, i think you'd love Fie's place, they have great taste and lots of cute stuff!