Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'd write "summer in the city" but the pictures kinda speak for themselves

Summer is here and, unlike last year, it doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get out of here.
As if that wasn't enough, it looks like we'll be going to Roskilde this weekend.
I haven't been in, like, five years and even though it has been a major part of my life, i wasn't planning on going back, ever again.
In fact, i decided a long time ago that i had gotten too old for a whole week of booze, camping in small, hot tents, not showering for days, and standing in line for half an hour to use a filthy portable toilet.

But free passes, possibly including backstage passes (backstage is where they keep the good toilets), for three days?
Driving back home in my parents car every night to sleep in my own bed?
Finally seeing M. Ward play?
Nah, i don't think i'm too old for that yet.

Allans keys, including the one for his bike, are in Germany so we walked to and from work together today
Later i took a walk around one of the other lakes, it was around six and still scalding hot
Look to the left...
... and to the right before crossing, gull traffic is crazy this time of day!
Guest portfolio work outside the shop, it's been a busy but good day (the water is mine, the cigarette is not)


  1. looks like a slak period! enjoy and relax! :-)

  2. Det er vildt så blå himlen kan være! Og tell me about it med mågetrafikken. Det er ikke for børn! (og andre fugle!)

  3. Thanks dude, hope you come visit soon, it's been a while!!

    Ja, den var tosset blå i går, i loves it!

  4. Hahaha, stakkels hejre. Kan godt lide at den står og knækker lidt i det ene knæ for at se nonchalant ud.

  5. SEJT!!!! I har bare at ringe når i lander, jeg ved hvor i skal tjekke ind og alt det der!! SEJHED!

  6. OHHHH your an M.Ward fan :) super fly, me too. The Roskilde music fest is legendary...LOL...for the hot, the dirt, and the icky bathroom conditions. It sounds like you might have the best set up...EVER! Super congrats :)

    Hope Allens keys arrive quickly by mail....or does he have to wait for the honeymooners to get back home?

    I love the picture of the stork by the way, made me smile :)

  7. wow. copenhagen is beautiful! that sucks he left his keys in germany! :/

    my mom's going to germany on tuesday; maybe she could pick them up for you. ;)

  8. The honeymooners came back quickly and the keys arrived today.
    Now Allan can use his bike again!