Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have the most awesome dog ever

This morning (or normal people afternoon) on our way to work, me and Lucifer went by the lakes, as we do most mornings.

Today was a hot and pretty day, so i stopped by the small pond next to our lake to take some pictures of lily pads , while Lucifer peed all over his territory.
I was leaning down by the pond when the little guy appeared on the other side, so i called to him to come over, i like having him close by all the time.
He kinda disappeared, so i assumed he was on his way over, but then he popped up from behind some bushes, still on the opposite side from me.

So i called again, asking him to come over and something happened.
His face got a strange look of determination, like he needed to be with me right away or something bad was gonna happen or something.
And so he just jumped into the pond and started swimming towards me!
Now, the little guy doesn't really like swimming, but i guess he just forgot how to go around the tiny pond for a second and just decided that this was the only way.

There he is, my little swimmer
Full of algae and gross pond water, but i couldn't have been more proud!
Shaking off the worst of it, while i kept telling him what a good and brave dog he is

I was laughing so hard the whole time, it was just so surprising!
I guess it's not really funny reading about, but if you knew him, well...
He's a fun little guy to hang out with.


  1. lucifer is amazing!that little episod sounds so delightful,bet you were smiling so much!x

  2. ... and laughing and talking out loud!
    Whenever i met a dog owner who'd comment on my wet dog, they got full details of his incredible act of bravery!

  3. WOW! jeg er imponeret! Sumi gør alt for at undgå at blive våd

  4. haha how brave of him. Dogs swimming is so cute. I love how they paddle with their legs and move their tail while swimming :)

  5. that's the cutest thing ever. i totally understand how you feel 'cause i have a dog too, a french bulldog who despises water.
    lucifer rocks.

  6. He totally does.
    When we go to the country in a few weeks i'm gonna try to get some video of him swimming, the way his tail works as a propeller is so cute!

    Mai, vis billederne til Sumi og sig det er sådan det skal gøres, jeg tror ikke hun vil ha' det siddende på sig, at Lucifer er mere modig end hende!

  7. he's great. such a happy being!