Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some of the foods we've been munching on in the last couple of days.
None of the embarrassing stuff though, not that there's been much of that.

Sunday brunch featuring feta cheese and avocado eggs, bread and marmalade from the organic bakery and lots of coffee

I totally stole that gorgeous salad bowl from my grandfather the other day.
It had been so long since he'd used it, that there was sand in it.
I have no idea how sand got into his kitchen cabinet, but the sight of that made me launch the rescue-the-pretty-bowl mission.
I didn't want him to give it to me, so we decided that i borrow it.
Makes me sound nicer too.

Potato salad with feta, tomatoes, parsley, zucchini, apples, sugar snaps, spinach leaves and other stuff i can't remember, and leftover pasta with fake-meatsauce
Heavy flea market plates

Tonight we ate at Good Karma Café.
It must be a franchise or something, cause seriously, who'd call their own place that?
Three good things about this place: it's close to our house, it was open (kitchens close around nine in small town Cph), and they had food there.
Nuff said?

Weirdest salad i've had in a long time, but hey, i'm full now


  1. YUMMY! I miss me some little danish baby shrimp...seriously I have no clue what i would eat, as a vegan, when we visit Danmark.

    I adore the bowl from Morfars house :)

  2. Jeg har den samme skål, bare i orange. Fra Farmor. :)

  3. Så lige ryggen af jer, ved SortKaffe&Vinyl igår, men ville ikke råbe som en eller anden handicappet fra den anden ende af Skydebanegade.. Så du får bare et hej hej her istedet. Elsker stadig ny klovne arm.
    Karma Café, you say? Kan det anbefales?

  4. Nope, der er afgjort bedre steder at lægge sine penge i nærheden!
    Næste gang skal du da bare råbe som en spasser, så løber vi da bare tilbage igen!

    Anne, jeg elsker dem i orange, og jeg tror måske endda også at min farmor havde sådan en.
    Men den er der nok en hurtig tante eller onkel der har gaflet for længe siden!