Friday, July 24, 2009


It seems like lately all of my posts have the sentence "i just got back from work and i'm too tired to blog" hidden somewhere between pictures, links and random information.
Or am i just thinking it a lot?
I don't even know anymore.
But i do know that our first real vacation in a year is only a day away and i can't friggin wait.

I have actually enjoyed being real busy at the shop lately, and i do like to work, but i've missed having the time and energy to do my own stuff too.
But soon i'll have time to be a little more creative again, blog lots, cook dinner once in a while and maybe pay my favorite vintage shop in Malmö a visit too.
We're even planning on taking a whole week off in Bisserup (but don't panic, loyal and much loved readers, they have internet there now).

Today has been yet another hectic and fun day, with lots of friends and clients from all over the world.
And there'll be another one of those tomorrow.
Yup, we're pretty lucky.

I'm gonna leave you with the stunning, yet haunting, image of this figurine of awesomeness Helle and Michael came by to give me today.
It's made from this material that makes everything look awesome and magical, like you know, wolves and eagles and unicorns.
I love how she finds stuff like this and thinks of me.

This is seriously awesome, don't you think?


  1. awww he's wonderful!

    you are lucky to have a lovely friend like Helle :)xxx

  2. The eyes on that Owl are freaking me out a little...