Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunny Bisserup, here we come

Our Copenhagen vacation hasn't been exactly what i expected it to be.
I was thinking we would go on bikerides, to museums, maybe out to dinner.
And i thought i'd be working on this old bike that i found a while back, and maybe put up some shelves or something?

But nothing ever really goes the way i plan it, and so our Copenhagen vacation was mostly spent inside.
I've mostly been spending my time hat making, food making and DVD watching.
Allan has been working on the same project (now finished) all week.
And sometimes i've dragged him out for a walk with me and Lucifer, and he's hated it.

The weather yesterday started out terrible, but it got way better, maybe because it was my moms birthday?
The most expensive latte ever, and of course it tasted just like all the other ones
See how he's loving spending outdoor quality time with us? Just loving it!
A strange creature emerged from the murky water...
Lucifer fearlessly greeted the water creature!
iPhone magic by the lakes

Right now i'm multitasking like crazy, trying to finish blogging and pack for Bisserup at the same time.
My selection of holiday clothes is really weird, and a little country-looking, but i've learned not to fight the urge to dress for the location.
But i am having trouble paking all my hat making stuff in a secure way.
Better get on with it.

Hats with a side of bile

I still haven't gotten my trusty mannequin a new sorry-i-burned-your-head wig, but i'm gonna, i swear.
Until then i'm letting her borrow some of my bling, and i think she likes it.
Here's a couple of new pieces i finished, one headband style and one straight up fascinator.

Big ass flower i bought in California and some sweet vintage lace
Really big
Pretty fall colors

Some of you may know this about me, but i'm sure most of you don't: i really, really hate the whole rockabilly/psychobilly/tattooed chick look.
You know the one i'm talking about, right?
Hate it.
Whenever i go to a convention, Ink and Iron in particular, or tattoo related event, i make damn sure to dress the opposite of that.
Not that i'd dress like that at home, but i double check for faux vintage 50's items, leopard print, perfectly coiffed bangs, pencil skirts and anything with skulls on it.
I just really can't stand that everyone has to look the same, that being tattooed somehow means dressing the same, liking the same things and in some peoples cases, even having the same friggin tattoos.
A uniform is a uniform is a uniform.
And i hate uniforms.

So i kinda surprised myself by making this very classic red/leopard/net fascinator.
I can't explain why i did it, maybe i felt like taking the look back?
Cause i may hate what the look has become, but i still love the era it's inspired by and all the fabulous and glamorous ladies who rocked it back then.

Rose, leaves and a single feather
Dotted netting over red felt
Base is lined with fuzzy leopard fabric and stays on with a comb

Hope you like them, and i hope i'll make lots more when i go to the country tomorrow (insert "weeee" sound here).


Remember those burgers i blogged about yesterday?
Well, they tasted so good that i completely forgot to take pictures.
Oh well, there will be other amazingly delicious homemade burgers.
Soon too, i hope.

The best part of the evening, however, was the company.
We haven't spent more than five minutes with Mixen and Nelson in the longest time, so it was awesome to finally catch up.
And while we were eating, Wookie and his very new girlfriend dropped by to borrow a DVD and help us finish our homemade not-fried french fries.
Good times.

Nelson and Lucifer, two old buddies hanging out on the couch
Blurry Allan and Mixen, after eating a whole lotta ice cream

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grrr Arhg

A few days ago we (finally) started watching Dollhouse.
I have my own set of rules about watching stuff online, like it has to be stuff that won't come out on DVD and that i don't really care that much about, and since Dollhouse is a Joss Whedon show there was just no way i was gonna disrespect it by watching it online.

So we waited and waited until it came out on DVD, and i'm glad we did.
We're only about 6 or 7 episodes in, but i gotta say, it's looking good so far.
It's more Alias meets X Files and the Matrix than Buffy, and not at all what i'd expected.
It's smart and exciting, not as funny as his previous shows, but it does have its moments.
And the Topher character seems to be very inspired by the Trio (Andrew, Jonathan and Warren from BtVS) and that's definitely not a bad thing.
Although i was never on Team Faith, i do like Eliza Dushku and her many characters.

Scoobies they ain't, but it's still a pretty darn good show

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Somewhere over the...

The weather is surprisingly nice today.
Not going swimming nice, but still.
We took a walk downtown to buy my mom a birthday present.
And we somehow managed to buy just that, and not a bunch of crap for ourselves too.

Rainbows are all over the place these days, due to Cph hosting the World Outgames
Yup, there too
Even on Vor Frue Church, pretty cool, actually
I know they probably just did this to get more people to go to church, but still, it must make people feel welcome here, right?
More of these, please!
The Onsdagssnegl, Allans weakness
I had a chai, Allan had a latte and his snegl and Lucifer begged him for a taste

Tonight our friend Mixen is coming over for home made burgers, should be good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some of the foods we've been munching on in the last couple of days.
None of the embarrassing stuff though, not that there's been much of that.

Sunday brunch featuring feta cheese and avocado eggs, bread and marmalade from the organic bakery and lots of coffee

I totally stole that gorgeous salad bowl from my grandfather the other day.
It had been so long since he'd used it, that there was sand in it.
I have no idea how sand got into his kitchen cabinet, but the sight of that made me launch the rescue-the-pretty-bowl mission.
I didn't want him to give it to me, so we decided that i borrow it.
Makes me sound nicer too.

Potato salad with feta, tomatoes, parsley, zucchini, apples, sugar snaps, spinach leaves and other stuff i can't remember, and leftover pasta with fake-meatsauce
Heavy flea market plates

Tonight we ate at Good Karma Café.
It must be a franchise or something, cause seriously, who'd call their own place that?
Three good things about this place: it's close to our house, it was open (kitchens close around nine in small town Cph), and they had food there.
Nuff said?

Weirdest salad i've had in a long time, but hey, i'm full now

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a while

Have a look at what i've accomplished during my vacation so far, not bad considering it's only monday and i'm pretty lazy, huh?
Hopefully i'll get a lot more done now that i have a little (a lot) more time to myself.

I don't know if it's noticeable, but i 'm trying to go in a different direction with these.
I wanna try and limit myself, and my dumb ideas, just a little bit.
That way i can finish pieces faster and perhaps also make some pieces that are a little more... easy to wear for non-crazy people, i guess?
My dealer seems to think that's a good idea and i agree.
Don't know where these are going yet, maybe to Sweden?

Big fluffy rose
And lace!
I like the pink/white/brown combo
Also finished this one, purple is nice
Happy hummingbird

Ps. My trusty model would like you all to notice, and possibly comment on her fancy not bald head.

I'm actually thinking of buying her a new wig, since they don't make "sorry for chemically burning a huge octopus on your plastic scalp" cards.
At least i think they don't...


Today feels just like sunday, so much so that i was surprised to see that the shops were open.
We took Lucifer for a walk down Istedgade where i noticed that one of the cute little vintage shops was having a going out of business sale.
Too bad for them, but yay for me!
I got a bunch of hat making stuff, some green vintage bracelets and the cutest little table, cause they were selling most of their inventory too.

Favorite coffee pushers are back from their way too long vacationAll the outside tables were taken, but that's not a problem when you've brought your own
Glasses make you look smarter, you know
Dog snuggles
My new corner table, after a good cleaning and tightening of screws and legs

I do love unexpected furniture days!


A few random shot from last week, most of them are polarized as you can see.
It's not as cool an app as the toycam, but it's fun nonetheless.

Breakfast at Kalaset with the Austrian/German camping mob
That's Bobby, taking a nap under the table
Robin getting his camera tattoo
Full house at the shop that day
Becca brought homework
Late night sushi at beloved BentoOn friday Christel (of giving-me-pants fame) got her sweet nineties french clown, pictures on the other blog soon-ish
Eric got this in a not so great spot

I guess most of there pictures would have made more sense on the work blog right?
Whatever, i'll post some other stuff over there later.
Now, it's hat making time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

You don't know

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation.
I celebrated by being in a shitty mood and going to Brønshøj.
The day did get better later on.
We cleaned most of the apartment, watched Medium and our dinner consisted of ice cream, chips, more chips and more ice cream.
Disgustingly delicious, but not something i'm likely to repeat any time soon.

Sad and no makeup, so ignore the face and pay attention to the fancy Acne pants the lovely Christel gave me the other day (i got two, but i only have pictures of these so far)
Before visiting my grandfather we always take a walk in the park and say hi to the white duck
I made some food for Lucifer, paté on rye, and Morfar fed it to him
My Morfar watching Lucifer eat, he really loves that dog
Lucifer took a nap in the sun
The Danish summer, ladies and gentlemen, half awesomeness, half pure crap
On the way home i went by this monstrosity, thank god it's only temporary

Lucifer is in his basket under my desk and he's making the cutest little snoring sounds.
Best little dog.