Sunday, June 21, 2009


I wasn't really expecting any, but i certainly always appreciate them.

Pretty blue dress, purple panties, nail polish, vintage bracelet, holy hand grenades and bath stuff You can never go wrong with a box of organic goodies
Vintage scarf, hair combs and a bow
Pretty lace and the cutest earrings ever
Café latte cups
An innocent little bunny?
Or a terrifying rabbit with big... pointy... teeth...
LOVE Neil Gaiman

So much good stuff.
And my mom and dad brought me their old kitchen machine which i'm sure will come in very handy if i should ever attempt to bake again.


  1. wow! you had some great presents! :)

    i LOVE those earrings, they are sooo pretty! xxx

  2. OHHHH I agree the earrings are super duper fab :) Are they from an etsy shop and if so, could you post a link to them?

    Happy Birthday to my new favorite blogger :) I so adore reading about your life and your cute comments...I love that you respond to everyone who leaves a reply!!

  3. Du er et af de sjældne mennesker, det er sjovt at købe gaver til. Er rigtig glad for, du kunne li' de små pipfugle!

    Birdie Info: The earrings were bought in a local shop here in Copenhagen called Fünf. They have a crappy website, but maybe they'll respond to an email?

  4. Tak for birdie info, jeg sad lige og rodede rundt på deres site for at finde noget info, og ja, den er pænt crappy!
    Jeg er glad for at jeg er nem at købe gave til, det synes jeg egentlig også selv jeg er.
    Jeg bliver sådan set glad for alt, men de små pippere er altså helt enormt søde!!

    Sam, you were right, i did get some really great ones!

    Tanya, thanks so much, please keep reading and commenting, it makes me so happy when you guys do.

    And read Fie's comment about the birds!

  5. Thank you so much for the website info. I sent them a quick email asking if it was possible for them to ship to the US on a really small item. I will just wait and see what type of response they send :) thanks again!!!