Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last night on the couch (for now)

I'd much rather be posting some of the pictures i took today (or pictures from the wedding) but it's late, we just got back home from a day out in Hamburg and we're leaving at nine tomorrow morning.
From the station, not the apartment.
So i should just get some sleep now, is what i should do.
So here are some already edited pictures from Allans birthday.

Outside an interesting little shop
You never know when you're gonna need one of these, for displaying your shoes maybe?
At a nice little café on that same street
Allan had some birthday cake
And i had a cappuccino
Saschas sick ass wolf patch
It rained a lot during the day, the light drizzle kind that somehow gets you more wet than real rain
This was at night outside the venue where we saw Valient Thorr play (they were awesome by the way)

More, much more, tomorrow when we're back home in DK.


  1. Allan's cake looks so nice! You guys always get the fanciest treats. And that wolf patch is totally amazing, although it needs about two more moons :) Once I found a prosthetic leg at a thrift store, only it had a sock and shoe on it and it was just laying in the center of the aisle. It wasn't marked, and it looked like it had just fallen off of somebody. Terrifying!

  2. Ha ha ha!! Den er flabet den der paraply-holder-protese!!

  3. heheheeh I cant help but giggle when I see those legs :) My bestie and I were at a dive bar one time and were dancing up a storm to some dive bar band...when this very very VERY drunk guy just kinda fell over on the dance floor. Everyone was very shocked and rushed to his aid...well apparently he was so drunk that he had dislocated his fake leg and it had fallen off. He yelled at everyone to leave him alone. Then he got up, picked up his leg, tucked it under his arm AND started to hop off the dance floor. Well...despite not being very PC, my bestie and I just about died laughing at the scene. A one legged drunk guy hopping around with his leg under his arm....gahhhh it still makes me giggle!!!

    hehehehe just thought I would share :)