Friday, June 19, 2009

For those about to...

Ok, enough with the busy-ness and the non-blogging!
I want things back to normal.*

I've been cleaning up the dusty, messy apres-travel apartment all day.
Like, really, all day.
I've only taken a lunch break and now, finally, a break for dinner.
I had no idea it was gonna take this long, i'd planned to go to work sometime in the afternoon, but that obviously didn't happen.
And i didn't even get to wash the floors, so it must have been bad.

This morning on his way to work Allan bought movies so now, with that done and the apartment looking halfway decent, i'm actually feeling good about tomorrow.
I may even attempt... wait for it... to bake!
But remember, i ruined soup, so it may not happen at all.

Oh, and the headline?
No, it's not just about me and my birthday.
AC/DC played Copenhagen this evening, and it was pretty much impossible to get tickets.
But i hope the lucky ones out there had a great show (and that it didn't rain on their side of town, cause it sure did on my side).

A very light non-tv dinner
If the baking thing happens, it will involve white chocolate
Lucifer has been in a weird mood all day, but i still love spending the whole day with him at home
My new shoes, bought them at Whole Foods, they're so damn comfy
*And i want my old camera back too.
Today i missed an amazing snail photo op, cause i don't carry around the G9 brick on walks.
Dang it.

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