Monday, June 29, 2009

Count to ten

Something happened this evening (nothing serious or bad, so don't worry) that completely stressed me out.
I don't know if you're the same way, but some days i'm just a rock and some days it takes nothing to throw me off balance.
And no, it's not a hormonal thing.
Today is one of those type two days, and i'm a mess.

When something stresses me out i either go into problem solving mode or fetal position mode and today i decided to try and solve my problem right away.
And to further speed up the process of calming the fuck down, i also downloaded four (!) free zen apps for the iPhone, and made myself a zen salad!*
I think it's starting to work, actually.

Salad and flowers, a treehuggers guide to relaxation

*Zen salad:

Baby lettuce leaves
Feta cheese
Red snack pepper
Hard boiled eggs
Something made from mushrooms that pretends to be chicken
And honey mustard dressing
All organic, except for the dressing.


  1. Hmm, jeg gør normalt også som dig, men jeg blir som regel også hidsig oveni. Altså sådan "damp ud af ørerne, jeg slår nogen ihjel kinda hidsig". Men det er nok bare mig, he he!

  2. Well thanks for the tip, that will be our dinner at home today, it did really sound delicious and i am for the cali-ecological-hey-dude food all day.
    Thx, keep blogging

  3. Måske du skulle overtage Lucifers stress-taktik med at græsse som en lille ko..? Ellers må du kigge på videoen af de små vindmøller igen :-)