Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clouds and the people who hug them

Ever wanted to be a model?
Yeah, me neither.
And i'm sure Allan and Lucifer feels the same.
Nevertheless, modeling is exactly what we all did today.

See, there's this guy who's doing a book on tattooing in Denmark, past and present.
He's been doing portraits of danish tattooers for the book for a while now and Allans portrait was the last one he needed.
He also needed a portrait of a client for each tattooer, and because i'm always around, Allan picked me.
I know, nothing makes a girl feel more special than convenience!
So today we went to Nørrebro to have our picture taken.

The garage where we did the shoot had the cutest pin up toilet
Instant coffee in a pretty cup
Yeah, so Allan had to take his shirt off (no, we weren't tricked, there really is a tattoo book!)
The studio/garage
We walked by this on the way out, seeing a place like this in Copenhagen gave me hope
I was photographed from the waist up (carrying Lucifer, fun!) so the skirt and shoes where just for my leg loving husband
We stopped at a café on the way home for some lunch
And we also stopped at a pet store where we bought a whole bag of Lucifers favorite snack, the Beefstick

When we got home Nick came over.
He had a late birthday present for the both of us, and although i wasn't surprised to get a pretty painting, after all it is what he does, i was totally surprised to find that we were getting this particular painting.
It was the Cloudhugger, one of my all time favorites.
And he'd even customized and gotten it framed for us... so pretty.
It's hanging in a temporary spot right now, just until i've had a chance to move a screw or two, but it stays in the living room.

Looking at this every day is gonna make me very happy, thanks Nick!


  1. Ih altså. Sikke en stor dag. Tillykke med modelkarrieren og det fede billede!!

  2. My pleasure , yellow pants ! Glad ya like it !

  3. You look so fancy! I love the orange shoes with blue top :)

    "no, we weren't tricked, there really is a tattoo book!"
    That made me laugh- my friend Steve was in Inked magazine for Rockabilly Tattoo magazine once, and he said that he was apprehensive about the photo shoot because the last time he'd been approached, the photographer kept suggesting he take his shirt off, seemingly less in a so-we-can-see-more-of-your-tattoos way and more in a my-my-this-hot-Florida-sun-must-make-your-body-all-sweaty haha