Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday bonanza

I can never really decide what i want to do for my birthday.
Last years birthday started out great, but ended out being kind of a downer with Lucifer being sick so we couldn't do any of the things we'd planned.

But this year i think i got it right: invite the people you actually want to hang out with (regardless of whether they know each other or not), eat lots of cake and watch Tom Cruise movies from the 80's.
Yeah, that works for me.

My sneaky husband bought me a new mini camera in California (i can finally stop whining about breaking my Ixy) and some Joss Whedon goodness
The first picture i took with the new camera was not a very good one (that's Jacob on the right, he'd crashed on the couch the night before, but unfortunately couldn't stick around for cake)
Helle tested my new camera (from a very unflattering angle)
Allan made me a real birthday cake, Fie and Henrik offered moral support and good advice
Bananas, strawberries, pineapple and lots of cake- and whipped cream
The icing got a little runny, but look at it, it's beautiful!
Young brought old fashioned apple cake, yum!
She does cake well, even with a hangover
I baked too, white chocolate and cranberry cookies (no, really, i did)
Mai and Masumi dropped by after work
Helle, Christel, Martin and Fie's very pregnant belly!
Apple cake
... three seconds later
After the cake it was time for chips and a movie
Top Gun, even more awesome than i remembered!
Lucifer tried to steal my spot on the fatboy

My parents came around 8 or 9, just in time to watch Cocktail.
I made some pretty sweet pizzas too, but i forgot to take any pictures of them.
And also of Nick and Wookie, who was there too!

My mom in her pretty new dress

After the second movie Allan, me, Nick, Young and Wookie where the only ones left.
We went to 7-11 and bough ice cream (who would have though our stomachs had room for more? not me...) and watched Hot Rod.
I fell asleep towards the end but i did wake up for the epic riot scene.

One last picture before i went to bed

Thanks to everyone who came over, you guys made it a great birthday.
I almost forgot how friggin old i am!


  1. Happy birthday! (late now) What a perfect day! I love the little flags on your cookies, and Allan's cake looks awesome (and also kind of like a post-nuclear-bomb mushroom cloud).

  2. happy belated birthday! all the food looks delicious

  3. Til min næste fødselsdag ønsker jeg mig en dag så hyggelig som den i går! Oh so good! Godt du hyggede dig!!

  4. yay, i love hot rod :)

    looks like you had an awesome birthday! and see! awesome allan presents as always! :D xxx

  5. Et forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen! Ser ud til du havde en skøn dag! Kram fra Karla

  6. gratulerer på etterskudd :D

    jeg må bare si at jeg elsker leiligheten deres! :D og det fine hekleteppet :D

  7. Tak for en dejlig dag fra os begge to, vi hyggede os helt ind i knoglerne !

    You can be my wing man anytime!

  8. Virkelig fantastisk dag! Super tillykke igen og tusind tak fordi jeg måtte komme :)

  9. (Oh, did I miss it by a day or twp?)


    Looks like you had a lot of fun w/lots of awesome presents.

  10. Coralene, the cake was delicious, but i would have been impressed no matter what, he doesn't really cook or bake... ever.

    Betty, thanks, i think the apple cake wins with the layer cake as a close second!

    Thanks Lisa!!

    Helle, done! Vi holder den bare her og får Allan til at lave lagkage til dig!

    Sam, me too, especially the scene were he falls forever, i was laughing so hard i cried!

    Tak Karla, det var den bedste fødselsdag længe!

    Tak Christine, tæppet fandt jeg på et loppemarked her i Kbh til 150 kr.
    Og damen havde selv hæklet det, så jeg synes det var lidt af et kup!
    Fine blogs forresten!

    Fie, jeg var så glad for at i kunne komme, jeg er jo ikke så god til at invitere folk i god tid.
    Jeg siger vi laver 80'er videoaften til en tradition, fødselsdag eller ej!

    Og samme til dig Young, det var rigtig fedt du gad at komme!

    Thanks Ai, i wish your could have been here too!

  11. i love you! happy birthday to the jazziest lady in denmark!