Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When me and Lucifer came back home, from a long ass day at the shop, the black cat was waiting for us in the back yard.
It attacked Lucifer several times, without actually hurting him, and he immediately went into his grazing cow routine.
It just doesn't get old.
But they kind of said hi to each other this time, so they might still become friends.

This morning i waited for about an hour in a doctors waiting room, before finally coming in for my seven minute consultation.
I'm not even sure if she was paying attention to what i was saying, or if she was just playing solitaire on her freakishly small laptop.
Hey, at least it's free, right?

RĂ„dhuspladsen, on my way to the doctor

After that wonderful and uplifting experience, i went to Illum, a department store, to get me a dress for Sascha and Anki's wedding.
Did i mention that we're going to a wedding in Germany this week?
Maybe not...
Anyway, there was a sale going on, but i still came prepared to throw some serious cash at whatever store that had a cute dress for me, but did i find anything?
No, no i did not.
There's still tomorrow i guess, but if i can't find anything i'm just gonna have to find something in the closet (the horror!) and i may need your help with that.

But first, pictures from a lovely sunday afternoon.

We went for a walk
With good coffee (and my new dress)
And tested if the camera was good for this classic shot (and i think it is)
Later i went for a quick visit at my grandfathers with my mom, and before going to see him, me and Lucifer went for a walk in the park


  1. hehehehe Lucifer grazing like a cow...that is what makes ME happy :) Every time I see you posting a picture of him or write about him, I get the mental image of him grazing and the cat moving on because it would be silly to attack a cute grazing cow...not the dog.

    Hope grandfather was in a better mood than last time you visited.

  2. "he immediately went into his grazing cow routine." this made me laugh. poor lucifer.

    i don't really trust my ent doctor, either. he explained to me the test results again yesterday which he'd already explained two weeks earlier... and it wasn't free!