Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down by the water

It's hot in Copenhagen today.
Damn hot.
A little humid too.
I'm not complaining (although that is the way of the Danes), just thought i'd mention it.
Damn hot.
Especially inside our tiny non-air conditioned shop.

So i was happy that i'd made plans to finally go see Helle's new place and hang out with her and Fie for some coffee and cake.
I didn't get much work done before heading out to see the girls (ouch, guilt) cause one of our clients, Franny, who we haven't seen in a long time, dropped by and we started chatting.
Anyway, around three i jumped on my more-crappy-than-ever green bike and headed for Christianshavn.

Cph in the summer
I sometimes wish i was a tourist here
When i got there Fie was already working her way through several bags of baby clothes (boy or girl, what do you think?)
Calvin was chillin' and eating cherries
Baby feet, it's normal to wanna put them in your mouth, or so i've heard
Mom magazines, not all Fies cup of tea, but some did offer good advice on... all that stuff i know nothing about
Lucifer was exhausted from protecting all his new people
And the heat was a bit too much for him too
Damn straight
Calvin is just the happiest kid
A picture of me and the nose licker from Helles secret blog
And one more of me and Calvin having a staring contest, it got a little too intense for Lucifer as you can tell
I may already have told you this, but Helle is someone i used to be really tight with years ago, and then we didn't talk for years, before recently reconnecting.
The same thing kinda happened with Fie, a childhood friend, who i've seen occationally over the years but haven't hung out with much.

And now they're two of the people i talk to the most, but since it's mostly via blogs and networking sites, it was pretty great hanging out with both girls in real life, drinking coffee and eating cherries.
And watermelon.
And cake.
Oh, and Helles new apartment was huge and amazing.
Little jealous.

One the way home, crossing the bridge

Clouds and the people who hug them

Ever wanted to be a model?
Yeah, me neither.
And i'm sure Allan and Lucifer feels the same.
Nevertheless, modeling is exactly what we all did today.

See, there's this guy who's doing a book on tattooing in Denmark, past and present.
He's been doing portraits of danish tattooers for the book for a while now and Allans portrait was the last one he needed.
He also needed a portrait of a client for each tattooer, and because i'm always around, Allan picked me.
I know, nothing makes a girl feel more special than convenience!
So today we went to Nørrebro to have our picture taken.

The garage where we did the shoot had the cutest pin up toilet
Instant coffee in a pretty cup
Yeah, so Allan had to take his shirt off (no, we weren't tricked, there really is a tattoo book!)
The studio/garage
We walked by this on the way out, seeing a place like this in Copenhagen gave me hope
I was photographed from the waist up (carrying Lucifer, fun!) so the skirt and shoes where just for my leg loving husband
We stopped at a café on the way home for some lunch
And we also stopped at a pet store where we bought a whole bag of Lucifers favorite snack, the Beefstick

When we got home Nick came over.
He had a late birthday present for the both of us, and although i wasn't surprised to get a pretty painting, after all it is what he does, i was totally surprised to find that we were getting this particular painting.
It was the Cloudhugger, one of my all time favorites.
And he'd even customized and gotten it framed for us... so pretty.
It's hanging in a temporary spot right now, just until i've had a chance to move a screw or two, but it stays in the living room.

Looking at this every day is gonna make me very happy, thanks Nick!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Count to ten

Something happened this evening (nothing serious or bad, so don't worry) that completely stressed me out.
I don't know if you're the same way, but some days i'm just a rock and some days it takes nothing to throw me off balance.
And no, it's not a hormonal thing.
Today is one of those type two days, and i'm a mess.

When something stresses me out i either go into problem solving mode or fetal position mode and today i decided to try and solve my problem right away.
And to further speed up the process of calming the fuck down, i also downloaded four (!) free zen apps for the iPhone, and made myself a zen salad!*
I think it's starting to work, actually.

Salad and flowers, a treehuggers guide to relaxation

*Zen salad:

Baby lettuce leaves
Feta cheese
Red snack pepper
Hard boiled eggs
Something made from mushrooms that pretends to be chicken
And honey mustard dressing
All organic, except for the dressing.

Sightseeing and southern German cuisine

Last day in Hamburg.
Sascha and Anki left for their honeymoon pretty early, and we spent our day with some of our other German friends, Chriss and Silvie.
We basically just hung out and ate our way though the city, just the way we like our saturdays.

Convention banner planning and food ordering
A cake and a half (not for me though, i had lunch instead)
This is where we went for dinner, the weather was still warm so we sat outside
We had flammkuchen, a German pizzalike specialty i'd never even heard of before
Delicious (Betty, try this the next time you're in Germany, it might change your mind about German food!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why yes, i do take requests

By popular demand (= one reader asked for it), more pictures from the apartment of our Hamburg homies:

This room has the most amazing ceiling
This one has a deer
Antlers in here too (and y'all know i love antlers)
Another deer, this one not quite as real, but cute nonetheless
Mouse & Mole
Fancy egg
A little Krishna lookin' fella
Pretty kitchen tiles

The streets are yours

Don't forget to decorate them!

Happy endings

Herr und frau Kampmeyer got married at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg on friday.
I have no pictures of the actual ceremony cause the room they got married in was too damn dark for pictures.
It would have been great though, since they did get married in an authentic maori hut.
No, really.

Sascha was a little nervous, but in a good way
His best man was a little tired and his hair was still wet
I felt a little weird about being all dressed up this early in the morning, but i got over that fast (i do like dressing up, you know)
My nails weren't perfect, but they matched the flowers and shoes
The car the bride arrived in
Seeing his future bride seemed to make all Saschas worries disappear
I'm sure you can see why, she looked lovely
The ceremony was long and in German, but i think it went well (my German isn't that great), this is taken right after we came out for some champagne in the lobby
Me and Allan getting ready for our close-up at Ankis parents house where the party was at, after picking up Lucifer at the apartment of course
Trying to strike an appropriate pose, failing
Lucifer was a good boy and chilled in his bag most of the time
Mmmm, dessert...
I can haz Panna cotta?
Ah, L'Amour!
We stayed at the house overnight, and had some yummy breakfast before heading back to the apartment
How cute is German porcelain?
Some of the neighbors kids came by to congratulate, and show us this awesome frog they'd caught

I don't go to many weddings, so i haven't got much to compare this one too, but i had a great time, and i think it was exactly the kind of wedding our friends had dreamed of; romantic and intimate, but with lots of friends and family there too.

Right now they are at a bed and breakfast somewhere in Germany , finally getting some much deserved alone time.
Have fun you guys, i think you're gonna like married life a lot!