Thursday, May 14, 2009

What i've been doing for the past two days

Today i almost finished these little fellas.
They just need a few layers of lacquer and they're done.
Well, that and be attached to something, like a hat for example.

I was gonna keep them simple, one or two colors max, but i like colors too much
Say cheese!
They kinda look like an undead do-wop group, don't they?
Uh, or wait, if there was one more, they'd be ABBA!

Tomorrow i'm gonna make something to put them on!


  1. These are really nice :D Your so talented :)

  2. OHHHH I love these :) soooo cute! I got a few day of the dead items when we were in Mexico last fun fun!! Cant wait to see what you do with them

  3. Hahahaha, ABBA! You funny woman, you. De er fine!

    Nu er der ikke længe til Fies dage kan fyldes med kaffe og slentreture. Så kommer jeg forbi!

  4. Kæft hvor er de bare badass kawaii!

  5. they are indeed so darn cute. what are they made of? their round shape is so perfect!

    i just got myself a fancy necklace with a tiny tiny tiny skull, and i so want to show it to you. but non of my camera lenses can zoom in close enough to get a good shot. it's that small.

  6. Thanks, you gals are all awesome!!
    They were pretty fun to do too, only the black paint was acting up making the lines difficult.
    Maybe i should find some new kind of paint for this stuff?

    Ai, two of them are made from fimo, a play doh type thing that you bake in the oven until it gets hard like plastic.
    The last one is some sort of hobby clay.
    The eye sockets on two of them are made with a sanding/drilling device i have, and there was a lot of polishing too, so now i can't even tell which are made from what material.

    That skull must be really tiny if you can't get a picture of it, i would have thought that at least one of your lenses would work!
    Sounds cute!

    Fie, du sige bare til når det er tid, så står jeg klar med kaffen!

  7. eee i love these! i have made sugar fondant ones for cupcakes before, but not nearly as perfect as these.

  8. motel- sounds way more difficult than these ones!!

    ghersionmyjersey- thanks!!

  9. It was great seeing you & Helen today, and I LOVE all the fascinators!!! They've already been admred by many!

    These little skulls would indeed look veryveryvery good on a litle hat, or something.... Im interested..... lemme know where they end up :)


  10. Uh, i'm so happy to hear that!

    And it was great seeing you too, i loved the shop!

    I'll get to work on those hats pretty soon, and if you like them just let me know and i'll send, or bring, one over!