Sunday, May 17, 2009


The current setup of our work room has been bothering the both of us for a long time, so yesterday we bought some new (and some old) furniture and started a major work room makeover.
So right now, while i'm in the living room with some chips and a Firefly drink having a short break, it kinda looks like a bomb went off in an art supply store.
It's gonna be cool when it's done, at least i think it is, but right now everything is a mess.

Maybe, if we finish it today, i'll have some pictures later.

But here's something i do have pictures of: the amazing progress of the tiny oak tree.
Just a few days ago i noticed a new leaf, and this is what it looks like now.

Ok, you can't really see it too well here...
How about that!
Isn't that the most beautifullest little green leaf you've ever seen?

These pictures are from last night, and i swear, it's even bigger and greener today.
And i don't want to jinx this if it turns out to be nothing, but it actually looks like one of the other acorns have decided to join the party and sprout another mini tree.
Exciting times!


  1. It ACTUALLY is the most beautifullest little green leaf I've ever seen :) xxx

  2. It really is! Additionally, it has the sweetest little pot to grow in- I love that!

  3. See, i knew it wasn't just maternal pride!