Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vote for me, i'll make everything better

We got an election coming up soon, two actually.
One is for EU parliament and the other is a referendum that'll hopefully get us some sweet equality between men and women in the royal family.
Yeah, that last one does seem a little silly when you think about it, but it's a step in the right direction i guess.
But since we're not gonna be home next weekend, i already voted yesterday.
Yeah, turns out you can just do that, and they don't even ask you where you're going.
I am so gonna do that next time too, beats standing in line to vote in some school on a sunday.

Seeing that dudes face all over town is starting to piss me off, i don't even know him, he just has a really sleazy quality (needless to say, he's not the one i voted for)
Someone painted hearts all across the sidewalk on Dronning Louises Bridge
This girl got a pretty mustache (she was lucky, i've seen many others get the never flattering Hitler style mustache instead)

Ps. Watching Lucifer drive away from me in my moms car, looking back at me with his big, worried eyes was not the highlight of my day.
Not being able to find a restaurant in this friggin... village, that will make you dinner after ten, also not a highlight.
Nice clients, and friends who'll ride their bike across town to buy you the good coffee, much better.


  1. Hvor skal I hen - og hvor længe? Er ved at være moden til en kop butikskaffe :-)

  2. Lige en lille tur til USA, vi er tilbage i butikken den 18.
    Så der kan du bare komme ned, så sørger vi for kaffen!

  3. Yay, det glæder jeg mig til. God tur!

  4. I kind of like the hearts. I'm surprised they made such a stretch of them without getting caught!