Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was good.
I still have to get used to being back at work, and the premature summer craziness is a little overwhelming, but all in all, it was a good day.

The good weather always makes people want to get tattooed and i can't blame them, seeing my bare, white legs in the sunlight for the first time in months makes me wanna get tattooed as well.
But our waiting list, and peoples general lack of patience and good ideas, often mean that i have to be the bearer of a lot of bad news.
Today we've had so many people coming in just to look, to book appointments and two people even came in asking for apprenticeships.
And there was a couple of drunks too.
But i had my outdoor table set up in the sun, and some good friends and neighbors came by, so i can't really complain.

The bigger Japan box came yesterday and all the fragile things made it in one piece (these are just some of the things, i'm almost afraid to show you the rest...)
This morning, on my way from the hairclinic* to the shop, i decided to hang out with all the tourists. It wasn't all that exciting...

We honored another pact made in Japan (let's call it the Harajuku pact) and went out for sushi instead of eating it at home, and it turned out to be a very wise decision. Bento was just what our broken Japanese hearts needed

*My consultation went great, i'm pretty much cured or whatever they wanna call it, and i don't have to come in for another year.


  1. so many kitties!!!!

    we have good sushi here in vancouver too. you should come check it out.

    or maybe we go find good sushi in long beach.. hmmmmm

  2. I know a nice sushi place in Tustin (i think?) so if you hang around after the convention we should go there!

    But seriously, Bento is soooo good, when you move here we're gonna eat there all the time!

    We were actually just gonna buy one big kitty, one small and one big in a different color, but they came in sets, so we ended up buying six!
    But the price was the same, and now we have a set for the shop too.
    (The tiny ones are just little chopstick stands)

  3. yay for all the cats and owls!:) xxx