Sunday, May 3, 2009

To the rescue

I'd completely forgotten about Allans Canon G9!
He rarely (according to him) uses it (which in reality means never, ever), so i might as well.
I'd even used it a little in Japan on our trip to Takaosan, so i don't know why i didn't think of it right away.
It's heavier that the Ixy, sure, but it beats running around town with the big one.
Now i just have to figure out how to take a decent picture with it...

As for all the clutter and crap that was bringing me down yesterday, it still is, but i've decided to give myself a break this weekend.
I'm even gonna eat some ice cream later.
Sometimes, when you have a day off, it's healthy to actually take the day off.

Out for an afternoon walk
We got coffee from Sort Kaffe & Vinyl and drank it in the sun on Sønderboulevard


  1. Has Lucifer grown or is it just the angle? (I mean, obviously he has grown, at some point in his life I'm sure he was very small!) He just looks bigger!

    Ice cream is a cure-all, enjoy!

  2. Nemlig! Man skal huske at slappe af!

  3. "Sometimes, when you have a day off, it's healthy to actually take the day off."

    Vise ord.

    Og is hjælper bestemt også!

    Der er også en del zen i duften af regnvejr. Så åben bare vinduerne. Lige nu dufter hele Folkets Park af våde grønne blade!

  4. Hey hey, vi fik is nede fra David igår.. Prøvede i Mandarin isen? den sparkede røv..

  5. Lucifer is as small as ever, but that is a weird angle.
    He does look very tall!

    Vi fik ikke is alligevel, aftensmad og regnvejr kom i vejen, og da vi endelig kom derover var de ved at lukke.
    Men vi prøver igen i aften, måske endda mandarin is?