Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A few days ago a man here in Denmark was killed by lightning (link in Danish) while out playing golf.

Then last night, or early this morning i guess, there was a thunderstorm over Copenhagen, and it was so violent and loud and bright that it woke me up.
I even tried to wake Allan cause i got a little scared, but he'd fallen asleep again and would not wake up.

This is apparently what last nights weather looked like, if you had a nice view of the city that is (picture from tv2's website)

I don't normally get, like, scared-scared of thunder and lightning, but i did when i was a kid.
Probably had something to do with my grandparents living in a house with a thatched roof (the house my parents now live in) and the fact that i actually saw a house up the street from us catch on fire after it was hit by lightning.
Actually i would panic whenever i would hear thunder, even when i was in class, and sometimes it would be so bad that i had to go sit under a table (it's pretty amazing that i didn't get bullied by the other kids for that behavior, but i guess i was lucky).

And right now i was checking out new trailers and came across this movie, a documentary about people who've been struck by lightning.
Featuring Paul Auster, who apparently has also been struck by lightning.
Something i would probably already know if i'd ever finished reading Hand to Mouth, obviously not my favorite Auster book.

I'm not actually going anywhere with this, in case you were wondering.
I just think it's odd, that's all.
It's not like there are stories about lightning on the news every day, or even week, and now all this.

Anyway, if you're like me, meaning paranoid, maybe you'd like to know what you should and should not do during a thunderstorm.
Playing golf, as you may have guessed, is on the "should not" list.


  1. True story !! A real one too ! Tried to take pictures but my factory windows where facing the wrong way !! Reminded me of the thunder storms we had all Summer in Montreal !! Was still working on the book when it hit (3-4 am ish) and all of the factory shook every time the thunder struck !!! Was a good one , that's for sure !! Oh and regarding your last comment ... I believe the correct term is now Koreans !!!

    Leviathan !! See ya tomorrow !

  2. Jeg er med dig hele vejen! Jeg overvejer stadig at ringe hjem, hver gang det tordner, eller stå op og lave kaffe og pandekager eller noget, bare for at være klar, hvis brandvæsenet pludselig kommer eller sikringerne går!

  3. I LOVE thunderstorms, but am secretly a little scared of them, too...

    Especially in the summer here, as violent summer storms can mean tornado watches! Eep!