Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, i actually managed to make another headband thingie before going to bed.
I don't know what happended, i'm not usually this productive at all.

This one is much more simple than what i usually make, and simple is hard.
But i wanna try make some simpler pieces.
Of course i wanted to put birds and skulls and stuff on it, but the piece wouldn't have any of it, so what could i do?

If you're thinking my lovely model needs her hair did, you're not the only one
It kinda reminds me of Tokyo for some reason
Brown silk headband, orange rose, green leaves and some lace
It hurt to cut that lace, i think it might have been my grandmothers, but i really felt this needed some old lace

Today i am at work, actually working.
How about that!


  1. it looks good! i think the lace was a great touch!

  2. I agree, the lace just really gives it that something extra to make it special :)

  3. its beautiful! let me know when you put it up on etsy, i may need to buy it! :) xxx

  4. its adoreable !! put it on etsy right away darling !