Monday, May 11, 2009

Pug life

A weekend of doing nothing but relaxing and hanging out with my boys was just what the doctor ordered.
I even managed to only hit the snooze button for about half an hour this morning (as opposed to my usual one to two hours, no i am not a morning person).

We had a great sunday, and even though Lucifer obviously didn't know it was his birthday, he could definitely tell that there was something special about the day.
He got lots of good food, treats, walks and attention, and he was in a great mood all day.

And as a special surprise we even ran into his puppyhood friend Nelson at the ice cream place.
Nelson is so sweet and patient, he doesn't even put up a fight when Lucifer humps him, and really, is there a better birthday present than humping and old friend outside the ice cream place?
I don't think so.

Cutest pug alive
Nelson was there with his daddy Mixen who we haven't seen in forever, and Karla and Matti who are Nelsons roommates when Mixen is on tour

At night we ate junk food and watched a movie and a couple of episodes of Medium.
I should be feeling guilty about all the stuff we'd planned that didn't happen (tattoing! photoshoots! putting up shelves!) but seeing how happy Allan was when i suggested we do nothing at all makes it all worth it.


  1. I fortjener sgu også at smække stængerne op og nyde livet engang imellem. All work and no play...., right?
    Godt I havde en super weekend!

  2. Tak, det havde i forhåbentlig også!

  3. Kan godt li din defintion af en good time. Humpíng old friends and ice cream. Det bliver ikke bedre, haha!

    Minder mig om en fin poster jeg så den anden dag:

  4. i remember seeing nelson pee on your bedroom floor... glad he's doing well, too!