Friday, May 8, 2009


So, it would seem that i'm not the only one with G9 issues.
Allan took these pictures of me at the shop today and they came out grainy as hell.
Even blurry Ixy shots are better than these i think.
Maybe we'll get the hang of it some day, but i am buying a new camera in November for sure.
If it wasn't for this blog, and my compulsive need to update it daily, i'd go analog for a while.

Hata did the design on the t-shirt, and i wore these shoes from Lola Ramona today, cause i think they've been feeling a little left out since i got these
This is a jacket Rei gave me in November, he did the design on the back, so without even planning it, i was totally rockin the Inkrat couture today
This plant grows on the small café in the park, it was closed today
The weather today was constantly changing, but at this moment, it was lovely

We just finished watching Sukiyaki Western Django (we couldn't watch two the other day, so we'll have to pay a small late fee) and it was pretty much as terrible as i'd feared.
Actually, it was a little worse than i thought it would be.
Even the parts that looked kinda funny in the trailer were awful.
But i'm such a movie-nazi, so if you have a high tolerance of bad plots, even worse accents and Quentin Tarantino, go ahead and check it out.


  1. they are beautiful shoes! I wish i could wear heels!xxx

  2. Why can't you?
    It just takes practice and cute band aids!