Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh Ixy, why?

Something happened today that has happened a million times before.
I dropped my camera.
Only this time, it kinda killed it.

Yes, my beloved Ixy is dead.
The screen is all wonky and weird looking.
So it would seem, that i resisted the urge to buy the new one in Japan for no good reason whatsoever.
Of course, if i'd had the new one, the old one wouldn't have died today, and i wouldn't really need the new one...
Heavy stuff, i know.
But now i don't know what the heck i'm gonna do until November when i can get my hands on a new one.
Use the big, old Canon all the time? Only shoot iPhone pictures?
One will ruin my back carrying it around, the other might ruin my blog.
What to do?

Other stuff, better stuff, happened today as well.
Me, Allan, Nick and Wookie went out for brunch.
Wookie's birthday brunch that is.
And after the brunch (which was pretty good) we went out for more coffee at Nicks new hangout.
It was great just hanging out with friends, enjoying the sun, and trying out some new cafés here in the hood.

Nick is explaining something very complex
Today i'm wearing my two tone sneakers, a jumpsuit and my vintage kimono jacket, all bought in Tokyo. And lot's of red lipstick too
QuadCam, first try, Allan is a little too dark
QuadCam, second try, much better (Wookie just got an iPhone too, so he's a little preoccupied)
Lucifer was on his best café behavior today

We also stopped by Nicks factory and saw his new work room setup.
Pretty sweet.

When we came back from our tour de Vesterbro it was time to do some much needed cleaning.
I started on the bedroom and my desk, but i've already lost my energy and the place still looks like crap.
Have you ever felt like you have too much stuff and it's all of a sudden suffocating you?
I feel like that right now.
The apartment that i usually love feels like a prison and that feeling is making me wanna throw up a little.

I think it's time to take the dog for a walk and clear the old brain, don't you?


  1. yes. a little walk will do you good (who doesn't need one? i should go, too!) what camera did you take todays photos with? chin up, sunshine. zo

  2. Those are from the iPhone toacam application.
    They're ok, but it takes a while for it to load, and that's not good if you like taking quick, spntaneous shots, like me!
    I still need to clean out in the apartment, but i've decided to take this weekend off and ignore the guilt!

  3. That was suppused to say "ToyCam"!