Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live long and prospa!


I usually hate all big budget action movies, especially remakes, sequels, prequels and anything based on someone else's work.
But Star Trek isn't technically a remake or any kind of -quel.
And it's fuckin' awesome.

During the whole movie, only two things really bothered me: the other people in the theater (oh my god, must you people laugh out loud at everything even remotely amusing? You're making it unfunny for the rest of us!) and Winona Ryder who, for reasons unknown to me, had been cast as Spocks mother.
I hate to come off as an angry feminist movie geek, but with all the stunning, talented and award winning older actresses in Hollywood (many of whom can't seem to find work) why would you cast a 37 year old woman to play the mother of a 31 year old man?
Her old-people makeup wasn't even that convincing.
If anyone knows the story behind the decision to cast her, please enlighten me.

But whatever, i really liked it, and i can't wait to see it in the comfort of my own home, without being surrounded by morons and having a helmet of Ken-doll hair in front of me.


  1. WOW seriously I just got home from watch it!! I loved loved loved it :) My Dad was a huge Star Trek fan when I was a kid, so it holds a soft spot in my heart and this one was just amazing!! I agree with you on the stupid people in the theater....STFU! my second complaint is similar to yours...I dont know why they put any "big" or "semi big" names in the movie at all....I think the movie would have been much better served having a bunch of no name actors in it, propel those people into fame'dome and have this new spawn of Star Trek be its own vehicle for making stars instead of casting them. I find it rather distracting to have named stars in a film that is suppose to be a "beginning". As much as I love the stars who were in the film, I feel they hurt the movie by being in those roles

  2. JA! Andre folk i biffen er altid irriterende! Jeg HADER også, når folk griner højt af ingenting, eller skriger, hvis noget er i nærheden af uhygge. Det er det samme med folk i rutchebaner: shut the fuck up!!

  3. Glad you liked it too!
    And i agree with you, casting unknowns is always better, but that being said, i think everyone (except Wynona) did a great job.
    And if you think about some of the people who were rumored to star in it before they started shooting (Matt Damon as Kirk, Adrian Brody and Spock!) we were probably pretty lucky!

  4. haha that was one of my friends exact comment, 'winona ryder?!?'.
    good stuff.

    i need to go see that soon...

  5. i totally agree! i really didn't get why winona was in there either. not only is she inexplicably young for the role but she didn't even do a good job! the only scenes i didnt like in the movie were the ones with her in them. anyway, i thought the movie rocked!!! (as i already mentioned in another post of yours)