Saturday, May 9, 2009

Everybody loves the sunshine

My husband got me flowers this morning.
Isn't that a nice way to start the day?
And no, it's not my birthday and i don't think he's cheating on me either, he just does stuff like this.
I did good picking that one.

Brightens up the room
Lucifer found a ray of sunshine
I've assembled some Ikea boxes, this one is now full of japanese fashion magazines
We've been drinking black coffee and listening to some sweet tunes, right now we're listening to one of my all time favorite songs


  1. Yay for gode mænd! Og solskin!

  2. awww isnt he sweet!?!

    i wish i had a nice man to buy me flowers :( xxx

  3. deep sigh, my man wont buy me flowers BUT I can take a walk down to the farmers market and buy myself some :) which your post just inspired me to do. The sun is shining here in sunny california.

  4. What a thoughtful thing to do! I love the picture too, the colors are very pretty.

    Lucifer needs a little sun bonnet! :)
    (he probably would not approve of that)

  5. contanos tu historia para nuestro porgrama de radio que sale al mundo

    un saludo ale.

    visitá el blog y contá...beso desde Argentina

  6. He's definitely a keeper!

    Tanya, sunny California sounds so nice, it's too cold for me here.

    Coralene, i'm pretty sure Lucifer would hate that (but he'd look adorable!)

    And ehm, i didn't catch that last one... guys?