Friday, May 1, 2009


I bought these here socks in (where?), yes, Japan.
But i hadn't even tried them on yet until yesterday.

I was having my usual what-to-wear morning crisis when i found this little leaflet that i'd picked up at a sock store in Shinjuku.
It had the weekdays and a different leg look for each day, and wouldn't you know it, thursday was my socks!
So i took that as a pretty clear sign to wear them.

The girl in the picture had baby blue shoes, and i don't have any in that color (or do i? maybe it's time to do some more basement shopping) but i though they worked ok with brown too.
Over-the-knee socks are very normal in Japan, but i guess not so much in Denmark.
I got some weird looks.
And at night, on the way to the sushi place, they felt plain awkward.
But some girls on Istedgade (no, not those kinds of girls) said "cute socks" when i walked by, so at least they got it.

I don't know what to wear today, cause i don't have the friday socks in my collection.
It is the first os May, so maybe i should wear red socks today?

Allan still takes blurry pictures with the Ixy


  1. The socks look great...Keep your knees warm too...Great blog by the way...Japan looked amazing...X

  2. always love reading your blog,and those socks are so cute! x

  3. well i like them! wish i had legs as great as yours!!!xxx