Friday, May 29, 2009

Changed my mind

I actually finished a hat today that i've been working on for a few days, a fancy one too.
But since it's a custom piece for s friend, i figured she should see it in person before seeing it here.
So instead of a fancy hat, you get a picture of the coffee shop around the corner from our place!

They sell coffee and records there, we mostly come for the coffee

On a completely unrelated topic, my back did a thing it wasn't supposed to this morning when i was doing my daily exercises.
It just kinda snapped, and afterwards i could barely breathe.
I took some painkillers and they helped, but something still feels really... wrong.


  1. pulling a muscle can do that....I thought i had a stroke once at my yoga class the pain was miserable. ICE ICE ICE

  2. oh no! no back problems!! rest up!