Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birds 'n berries

Finally, i had some time to turn my desk from looking like this, into looking like this:

Yeah, you guessed it, i've been home all day.
But don't think i've just been sitting on my ass watching "Friends" reruns.
I can't, i have no TV channels, but you know what i mean.
No, i've been hat-making all day, as i promised myself that i would.
I've mostly been fixing up hats that i was never completely happy with, and finishing hats that have been almost-done for way too long.
And during my few breaks, i've been emailing shop clients and doing shop blogging.
It's nice to be able to work from home when i need to, i just hope Allan hasn't been too lonely!

It's funny, some days at work are all about talking to people, all about being social.
there are clients, walk-ins who need advice, friends who drop by and neighbors you meet in the street.
Don't get me wrong, i like that part of my job a lot, but i'm not really a super outgoing person, so it can be tiring too at times.
And then there are days like this one, where i wish someone would just stop by for coffee and a quick chat, preferably unannounced, so i wouldn't feel like such a hermit.

Well, i did talk to that old lady with the dog that looks a bit like Lucifer.
And on that same walk, i did manage to convince a junkie, who was so high he could barely walk, to stop trying to steal a locked kids mountain bike in broad daylight.
So it's not like i don't talk to people, right?

This hat was just screaming for some birds and berries
Some of the now totally finished (maybe) pieces

The desk is all tidy and clean again, by the way.
It's amazing how much easier it is when everything has it's own little spot!

Ps. My arm is so fat and swollen, i just can't bring myself to take a picture of it, so that will just have to wait till it's healed.


  1. Skørtistan, du sku da bare ha sagt kom! Altid klar til en kop tår kaff'!

  2. Du kan da bare trille forbi, ingen invitation nødvendig!

  3. OMG!! ... I just looove that bird-and-berries-hat! It's so abso-blooming-lutely adorable!! ;o)

    What a clever daughter-in-law I have!! ;o)

    Would you consider selling it to me, please??? ;o)

  4. Hmmm, det kunne da godt være!

    Eller jeg kan lave en specielt-til-svigermor hat?

  5. Øj!! ... Ka' man evt. ønske sig sådan en special-designet Flora-Amalie-Creation? ... Det ville godt nok være stort!! ;o)


  6. jamen, det er da lige det man kan!

  7. Ih altså! ... Så ved jeg godt, hva' jeg ska' ønske mig i fødselsdagsgave! ;o)