Sunday, May 31, 2009

What (not?) to pack

Today was supposed to be all about packing because, in case you didn't already know, we're leaving for California tomorrow.
But how do you spend a whole day packing when you're used to doing it right before bedtime, the night before leaving?
Yeah, you don't.

I started to pack and tried on some clothes
Then we went out in the summer weather (yes, it's here, right when we're about to leave!) and ate pizza
Later we met up with some homies at Siciliansk Is for some free ice cream (it was their birthday, that's why it was free)
And because we're Lucifer-less we went out for dinner at Biomio, a new organic cafeteria style restaurant in our neighborhood
The food was good

Oh, and i finished one last hat that i'm gonna bring to the States.
And my wrist is just killing me now, so i think a hat-break might be a good thing.

A little navy themed thing, you know, to wear on the boat!

It's late now, and i'm actually not packed yet, but whatever.
Free ice cream and hanging out in the sun was a better way to spend the day.

See y'all soon, or in a few days i guess!

Vote for me, i'll make everything better

We got an election coming up soon, two actually.
One is for EU parliament and the other is a referendum that'll hopefully get us some sweet equality between men and women in the royal family.
Yeah, that last one does seem a little silly when you think about it, but it's a step in the right direction i guess.
But since we're not gonna be home next weekend, i already voted yesterday.
Yeah, turns out you can just do that, and they don't even ask you where you're going.
I am so gonna do that next time too, beats standing in line to vote in some school on a sunday.

Seeing that dudes face all over town is starting to piss me off, i don't even know him, he just has a really sleazy quality (needless to say, he's not the one i voted for)
Someone painted hearts all across the sidewalk on Dronning Louises Bridge
This girl got a pretty mustache (she was lucky, i've seen many others get the never flattering Hitler style mustache instead)

Ps. Watching Lucifer drive away from me in my moms car, looking back at me with his big, worried eyes was not the highlight of my day.
Not being able to find a restaurant in this friggin... village, that will make you dinner after ten, also not a highlight.
Nice clients, and friends who'll ride their bike across town to buy you the good coffee, much better.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The call of the wild

There's this cat in our building.
Some of the neighbor kids told me her name is Sorte Mathilde (which translates into Black Mathilda), but that's almost too cool to be true.
Anyway, this cat has started stalking and chasing Lucifer when we're in the backyard, and she's even smaller than him.

There she is, stalking her prey like a panther
And Lucifer, my sweet boy, has developed this nervous tic; whenever she's around he'll start eating weedy plants and grass and leaves, almost as if he's trying to make her believe that he's a very busy little cow that means her no harm

My mom is taking Lucifer with her to Bisserup today, and i miss him already.

Death by chocolate, or cakeday at Conspiracy Inc.

Bestest friday in a long, long time.
Good buddies, nice weather and a complete sugar overdose, that still has me shaking a bit.
Days like these where good people come by and hang out, remind me why i like having a shop.

Young is putting sour cream on the most chocolaty chocolate cake you can imagine (no, no you can't, actually)
Tiny cups of awesomeness
And, as if cake wasn't enough, Wookie brought over a bucket of Sicilian ice cream for everyone (we did work too, a little, but for the most part we just ate and talked)
On our way home the weather was still awesome
Dinner at my parents place (hakkebøf, new danish potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower and pea salad)
If you wanna see some really good pictures from the shop today, i suggest you go here!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Burlesque beauty

So, i actually wanted to post this yesterday, but since this hat was a custom project for someone and not just for me, i figured i'd wait until she'd actually seen it.

Making a custom piece was fun, and could pretty much do what i wanted with it, but it was still different, cause i kept thinking of the occasion it was for.
And the deadline obviously!

But i think it turned out pretty good and, lucky for me, so did my friend.

It took a few tries to get the base right, so that alone took almost a day, but i love how that green turned out (there are many layers and stuff!)
I saw this fella on the way home from the supply store on thursday and took it as a sign...
A sign that i needed to add some peacock feathers to this hat!
Allan took some fancy pictures last night of the finished piece
Kimono bottom
Ok, so it's pretty big and dramatic, but the person who'll be wearing it can certainly pull off dramatic!

Maybe next week i'll have some cool pictures of her wearing it!

Changed my mind

I actually finished a hat today that i've been working on for a few days, a fancy one too.
But since it's a custom piece for s friend, i figured she should see it in person before seeing it here.
So instead of a fancy hat, you get a picture of the coffee shop around the corner from our place!

They sell coffee and records there, we mostly come for the coffee

On a completely unrelated topic, my back did a thing it wasn't supposed to this morning when i was doing my daily exercises.
It just kinda snapped, and afterwards i could barely breathe.
I took some painkillers and they helped, but something still feels really... wrong.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A steady accumulation of Lucifer-alikes

Sam (who some of you may know from the comment section of this blog) sent me a package of goodies, including a stuffed Lucifer!
Lucifer (the real one) was so desperate to play with it, but he would have killed it in minutes, so i didn't let him.
Lucky for him, Sam sent along some dog treats too.

Two makes a collection, right?

The Buffy B is pretty awesome too, i have to find something worthy to sew it on.

More plants for Martin to water when i'm not here

I planted some seeds in the kitchen not too long ago.
Two out of three have yet to make an appearance, but the last one... oh boy.

The sunflowers are coming and they look like they're in a hurry!
The rest of the gang, the tiny oak is looking good too

Is it just me...

Or does the new Sherlock Holmes movie look kind of good?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My dog is a genius

Here's Lucifer, trying to poop on a bush
Later on that same walk we saw this, a funny place for a kayak wouldn't you say?

Spontaneous supplies

I went in to this little thrift shop today
This bar is across the street
That's my bike, and kitty-chan
And that's what i bought at the thrifts store, i'll never have to cut up my grandmothers lace again!

More Buffyness...

I rarely agree with Perez, but i'm with him on this one.
What does that barely-a-comment mean?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the what??

A new Buffy movie?
Without the genius that is Joss Whedon?
Without SMG or any of the scoobies?

I don't know you guys...

I mean, i'd probably pay to see that.
Who am i kidding, i'd definitely pay to see that.
But it wasn't too long ago that there was talk about a new movie with the original cast from the series.
Of course that was before SMG went and got herself all knocked up, but still.
They could just wait for her, right?

Obviously the Buffyverse is way open to new storylines and characters, but i can't see anyone but Joss Whedon coming up with a story about a new (or old?) slayer, that'll be worth doing an entire movie about.

I know i'm the only one here who cares (except for Allan) but this is huge news.
And not necessarily good news.
And confusing...

Come back you guys...


So, i actually managed to make another headband thingie before going to bed.
I don't know what happended, i'm not usually this productive at all.

This one is much more simple than what i usually make, and simple is hard.
But i wanna try make some simpler pieces.
Of course i wanted to put birds and skulls and stuff on it, but the piece wouldn't have any of it, so what could i do?

If you're thinking my lovely model needs her hair did, you're not the only one
It kinda reminds me of Tokyo for some reason
Brown silk headband, orange rose, green leaves and some lace
It hurt to cut that lace, i think it might have been my grandmothers, but i really felt this needed some old lace

Today i am at work, actually working.
How about that!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Keeping it simple

It's a nice day today.
Not super warm, but warm enough for us to eat our dinner outside.

Organic vegetable soup, sour cream, dark bread and butter, some cheese and some sugarsnap peas, simple yet delicious
Everything tastes better with some sour cream
Lucifer wouldn't shut up until i put him up on the table

Pretty in peach

Is it sunday or monday today?
This day has been so awesome i can barely tell.

I started and finished a hat, or headband i guess, it took me most of the day but it was a lot of fun to do
The inside fabric is from Japan, i love that green
One skull down, two to go
I'm thinking of keeping this for myself, just so i have something new to wear in Long Beach (also, i think it might match my shoes)

Allan came home early cause he got canceled on, which was also the reason i never made it to work.
I love when he's home during the day, even if he (like today) spends hours in the other room playing Guitar Hero.
I just like knowing that he's close by.
But i did lock the door and put on some music, knowing he's in there is enough, i don't need to actually hear him.

At the laundromat

When they (possibly) strike you have to give your dog some form of treatment, obviously.
That part is easy, you take some medicine and you pour it on the skin in the back of the dogs neck.
And since Lucifer is going to stay with my parents next week, in the country where there are ticks, he was due for a preventive treatment anyways.
No problem.
It doesn't end there.

If you suspect that there might be fleas on your dog, they may also be around the house.
You will have to vacuum all his usual hangouts as well as wash all the blankets and sheets he comes into contact with on a daily basis.
Well, this is Lucifer we're talking about, so that's everywhere and everything!

So today we went to the laundromat across the street with blankets, pillowcases and our giant bed spread.
We do have a washing machine and that was filled up too, but this way was faster.

This place is so old school
We went out for lunch while we waited, so we didn't have to hang out there the whole time, but i do kinda like it there

After we came home, i still managed to do a little sewing, a lot.
I just focused on making a lot of hat and headband bases, using some of the fabric i bought in Japan, instead of finishing a hat.
I'm not usually this well organized, but tomorrow i'm gonna be happy that i did these.

They don't look like much yet, but someday they'll make sense

Now, more Medium.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Construction porn and other sunday links

It's raining and i think Lucifer might (might) have fleas.
Happy sunday.
I'm gonna try to do a bit of sewing today, but besides that (and vacuuming/washing sheets and blankets, obviously) i plan to just chill.

If your sunday plans are anything like mine, you might need some silly or weird links to entertain you.
Lucky for us, there are sites like Dark Roasted Blend.

Into giant bridges? Me too.
This post even features the bridge going from Denmark to Sweden.
Or how about painted castles? Or really narrow buildings?
Abandoned places are always good, i know at least a few of you are into that stuff too.
So here's some abandoned amusement parks, you can never see too many of those.
Another thing i can't get enough of? Tiny primates!
Wouldn't wanna live here, but i wouldn't mind living here!

Do you have a good sunday link you wanna share?
Post a comment!

Ps. I read this article on a plane last year, and i wanna go to this spot (go to page 54/55) in Sweden so bad!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, here at last

I thought it would be at least a few more days, but due to the magic of vita wrap, my russian girl tattoo is pretty much healed already.
I will post a better, and more complete, picture when i can get my husband to take one.

The top part is still missing some glow and stuff, but otherwise it's pretty much done
Allan is busy assembling his new (non-ikea) desk

I slept until 11 today.
I used to do that all the time, but it's been a while.
And i have no plans today.
We've just been out walking together, drinking some good coffee and talking.
Oh, saturday...

I'm gonna go in the other room and hang out with Allan and maybe do some hat makin'.
He's still working on the desk, and listening to the Judgment Night soundtrack, and i want in on that!

Hats for sale at Brooklyn Vintage

"Louise" fascinator hat with purple bird
"Vivienne" fascinator on headband with flowers and feathers

"Olive" fascinator hat with, ehm, crab


"Frida" headband with pheasant feathers and yellow vintage flowers

"Vivienne" red and black fascinator on two tone headband

"Louise" fascinator hat with vintage rose and fabric, and ribbon ties
For sale at:

Brooklyn Vintage
Engelbrektsgatan 6
Malmö, Sweden

(Photos by the very talented and handsome Allan)