Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is a longshot, i know

The other day i went to Muji to buy Yoga clothes.
Now i don't actually take Yoga classes, i have never done more than a few Yoga poses on my living room floor, so i have no idea if it's something i'd enjoy at all.
But when i come home i need to start doing something other than my morning workout.
I'm getting so... flabby.
I need help, i need real exercise and i need it soon.
So i figured i'd buy an outfit for working out, cause you know, shopping is always a good motivator.

Man, this was comfy, but i didn't buy the hoodie, i have too many of those as it is
I bought this very tight, peach sports top and some velour gaucho pants that were on sale (half price, yay!)

If i haven't posted anything about Yoga, or any other type of exercise in, say, two months, feel free to give me a verbal ass whoopin!


  1. Workout outfits are the best motivation! I so much prefer Yoga and Pilates to regular gym "workouts"... for some reason I get really intimidated in gyms.

  2. **YES- I also wanted to say that, you are absolutely not flabby, not one bit! Teensy!

  3. i hear you on the flabby feeling.. even if i dont look it, i know where some extra unwanted weight is sitting. and i want it gone!

    i also want to take up yoga, but im cheap. thats my problem. its so expensive here..

    i need to start walking to work again at least, and getting that much cardio going... /sigh

  4. I should be doing some more exercise too... But I'm lazy.

    But you can't be flabby, you've been walking around Japan for days!

  5. Still flabby i'm afraid...

    And thanks for saying i don't look it, but like Corey says, even if we don't look it, we all have weight somewhere that we want to get rid of.
    After a certain age, walking and eating right just doesn't cut it anymore.

    I'm looking at websites right now, and it's friggin expensive in Denmark too!
    But that's not the worst part, all the schools look very heavy on the spiritual side of it.
    And i'm not looking to be saved by Sri Swami Something, i just want exercise!

    Maybe the local gym has some non-spiritual classes?