Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Back to work, and ok, maybe it wasn't all that bad.
The weather is seriously awesome and, as you may have started to notice, that means a lot to me.

Walking (and riding my bike) by the lakes and in the park with Lucifer is one of the things i've missed lately, so we did that a lot today.
Oh, and Allans client brought cake.
Of the homemade kind.
I was actually gonna start to get healthy again, and i was gonna start today, but yeah, that didn't happen.
I could have just said no to the cake i guess, but of all our very talented clients who bake, Simon is probably the best.
Or at least it's a very close tie between him and his mom.
And i can't say no to strawberry tart.
Who can?

So tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow.

Ok, you know that thing where you put words together and they form a sentence?
It's not really working for me right now, maybe it's because i've been writing so much for work today, in Danish and English, so i'm just gonna post some pictures instead.

The park is so pretty in the spring, Lucifer doesn't notice though, he just wants to pee on stuff
Where the lucky strawberries go when they die
When i came home i wanted to try out the new old camera for a change, but instead of focusing on me, it went for the chair
I hate layering in the winter, but love it in the summer
Japanese socks and Lola Ramona shoes


  1. those are really nice socks & shoes.

  2. Smukt.
    Og de heldige jordbær lander vist i din mave - og Allans!